Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bumpdate- 22 Weeks

It would be difficult for me to post anything today with out mentioning the way I'm feeling 12 years after the tragedy of 9-11-01. This quote basically sums everything up for me. 

"Some memories are so strange to you, so unlikely, so outside the realm of the plausible, that you find it difficult to reconcile them with the fact that you are the person who experienced the events you are remembering. Never Forget."

What I'm wearing:
Leggings and cardigan-Target
Dress- Kohl's (non maternity)
No shoes because my feet were getting a little swollen.

How Far Along: 22 weeks and 5 days!

Baby is the size of: A spaghetti squash 

Total Weight Gain: Staying strong at 16 pounds. I don't weigh myself so I'm sure that is not an accurate number. I have an appointment this Friday so I'm sure the next update will have a new and BIGGER number.

Sleep: Sleeping has continued to get better. I find myself waking up less than I did in the very beginning. I seem more relaxed when I sleep.

Best Moment of the week:

* Lots of movement and it happens all the time!

* On Saturday night after an awesome bachelorette party for a friend I got home to Brian and upon Brian saying a few words baby started moving around like crazy.

* Getting ready for vacation!!!!

Worst Moment of the Week:
* HEARTBURN attack! On Sunday night I was reduced to tears due to terrible heartburn. I have been so lucky in this pregnancy and I have felt fantastic for the majority of it so I'm hoping this isn't a sign of things to come.

Miss Anything:
*Being able to wear whatever I want.
*Being able to bend down and stretch with out feeling tight all over.

Food Cravings: Having no real cravings this week.

Anything make you queasy or sick: Nothing other than the terrible heartburn.

Have you started to show? Yes

Gender: Neutral all the way. Everyone is guessing boy. They are all saying my face hasn't changed and I'm carrying low and small. I have a feeling it's a girl!

Symptoms: Some tightness in my hips and I think my feet have grown. Some of my ballet flats I've had for a year or more are feeling really tight.

Workouts: I've been doing some walking.

Mood: I am feeling good these days. I'm getting excited for so many exciting thing headed our way.

Looking forward to: VACATION!!!!  

Maternity Clothes: A good mix of maternity and non maternity items.

Stretchmarks: Nothing yet. I've been using Mama Bee by Burt's Bees religiously.

Rings on or off? Both are still on and fitting comfortable.

Bellybutton in or out? Still in.

This week I:
* Started packing for vacation. It's much easier when you only have a select amount to pick from. I'm planning on bathing suits and cover ups the entire time!

* Started getting back RSVPs for the shower and noticing some stuff has already been purchased!!!

* Started feeling the baby move around all the time.

Baby Update:

* Lips, eyes and eyelids are becoming more pronounced.
* Tiny tooth bumps are begining to form.
Momma Update:
* My hair looks pretty awesome. It is shiny and feels great too. There is just a lot of it!!!
* My nails look great too. For the first time in my life they are growing and strong! They almost look fake.


Jen said...

You look fantastic and yay for vacation!

Monica said...

You look great!

Nichole said...

I can't believe it's already been twenty-two weeks!! Looking good, mommy :)

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Yay for vacation!!! I must say I am sad that our vacation was when I was 6 weeks pregnant! Darn it!!

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