Friday, November 8, 2013


The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


- Had an excellent doctor's appointment yesterday. We are down to an appointment every 2 weeks. This pregnancy is flying by. Even when I complain about things that are uncomfortable I will miss being pregnant. It has been a blessing.

- Brian's company invited all significant others to their upcoming charity event. That never happens. Brian always gets to go to great charity events and I finally get to take part. I'm not sure how a "Blue Jean Ball" is going to be. Sounds interesting. 

- Only 9 weeks until munchkin makes their arrival! We have gotten so much done. I'm actually surprised that 2 procrastinators like us have gotten so much stuff done!!! 

- Im going to a Mia Bath and Body Party tonight. I'm hoping to make some personalized scents and spoil myself a little bit. 


-Working tomorrow!!! BOOO! 

- My mom had surgery this week. She is doing ok but feels terrible. I feel so bad!

- I joined a swap and my goodies haven't gotten here yet so I'm unable to link up with everyone today. 

- We got the MamaRoo from my parents and the darn thing is broken so we have to take it back. Annoying!!! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 


Brianne said...

A blue jean ball definitely sounds interesting!

K said...

Sorry you can't link up with us today, but it should be open for two weeks, so hopefully you can link up when it gets there! Congrats on getting down to appointments every two weeks. I have two more monthly appointments and then I'm down to two weeks. I already feel like I'm there all the time, so I can't imagine going more!

Jen said...

Wow only 9 weeks left?! Time surely is flying by.

Kristin said...

I always seem to be in the blog swap group that is waiting for the goods. Boooo

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