Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jack's Birth Story- Part 2

In my last post I began Jack's birth story.  You can find it here. Here is the conclusion of our little Jack's birth story...

Jack Jordan G
January 5, 2014
8 pounds 2 ounces

By about 2:30 in the morning the contraction and back labor had become unbearable.  They were coming 2 minutes apart and lasting at least a minute long. Breathing through them was not working. I was begging our nurse, Jo, for an epidural.  My on call doctor instructed my nurses to administer the epidural at 4 centimeters.  Problem was I was stuck at 1 centimeter. He also instructed the they could give me a pain management drug along with an anti nausea med (remember that romantic dinner?) at 2 centimeters, again I was stuck at 1.

As crazy as this may sound the next few hours were blurry for me. I remember bits and pieces of how my labor went. I had tons of support from my mom, mother in law and my husband.  I was extremely hot and found it very difficult to lay in any other position besides my right side due to the back labor on my left side. I held the sides of my bed like no ones business.  My husband said at one point I tried to make a deal with my nurse. I told her we could pretend I was 4 centimeters dilated so she could give me the drugs. Apparently I was desperate.  When I finally got to 2 centimeters the gave me a shot for pain management and anti nausea.  It didn't do a thing for me other than make me seriously dizzy.  My back labor had continued. My husband curled up in bed with me and rubbed my back with each contraction. He said he could actually feel the contraction as it started so he knew exactly where the pressure and pain would be. He was very in tune with body which still amazes me.

The next several hours were extremely painful. I begged for the nurses to check me. It was about 7am and we were all very surprised when they checked and realized I was fully dilated and ready to push. I knew we were there when my nurses Jo and Carol looked up at one another and said "She's ready, get the doctor here now!" My hospital does not have a doctor on call at all times. If the doctor lives less than 5 miles from the hospital they stay home and get called in when needed. The look on their faces really scared me. As if baby was coming before our doctor arrived. At this point, completely oblivious to what was really happening, I asked for the epidural. I had no idea how ready to push I was. I asked again for the epidural and when the nurses said there wouldn't be one I had a meltdown. My mom said she was going to start the curse calculator.  I let her down because I only dropped a couple of F bombs.  I began crying and begging Brian, my mom and mother in law for help. I also called my nurses liars.  At this time I looked at my mom and told her I was ready to go home and in her words I said "I'm done with this shit." Before I knew it my bed was prepped. I looked at Carol and said "I'm pushing" she was very adamant told me I wasn't and gave me a crash course in lamaze.

When my doctor arrived I felt the ridiculous need to catch him up on my labor. I told him my nurses had lied about my epidural and I needed him to help me. I recall begging him to make it all better which he chuckled and told he wold gladly deliver my baby and make it all better. My doctor began prepping me and informed me he would numb me. I did tell him he could use all he wanted and begged for extra. My mom, Brian and nurses later told me how funny I was. They even said they felt guilty giggling.

We were ready to push.  With in 3 pushes and less than 10 minutes we had a baby. The cord was wrapped around his neck so he did not cry right away which was terrifying.  When our doctor announced he was was boy we were surprised and elated! Our little Jack was here.

He was put in my arms and I was madly in love. They quickly took him to the warming station and then given to Brian and his new grandmothers. Jack arrived within 7 hours.  My doctor was shocked as he thought I would be in labor for another 12 hours. I looked on for a little bit while everyone loved him and eventually fell asleep. I woke up an hour later in time for my daddy to arrive and meet his first grandson.

Jack's birthday was filled with so much love. He was visited by 22 people that day alone, friends and family gushed over him for days. It's amazing to see how lucky and loved our little man is. Labor was an amazing thing. I had no clue what an emotional experience labor really is. I am still in awe of what my body was able to do and the support from my coaches.

Thank you so much for reading Jack's birth story and all the sweet comments.
Happy Wednesday!


Vicki P said...

Congrats! Thanks for sharing! He is beautiful! So precious!

Jen said...

What an amazing story, you are already such an amazing momma!

Laura said...

HOLY CRAP!! What an amazing story! I can't believe you did that without an epidural! I can't believe how quickly you went from 2 cent. to 7...and I can't believe you pushed for 10 minutes and he was out!! You are such a rockstar!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

SO, I am just catching up on blog reading. OMG - no epidural?! I ended up with a c section and still had the epidural before hand I can't imagine the pain!! I made my nurse check me every 30 minutes to an hour before I got my epi!! But only 10 minutes of actual pushing is amazing!! Such a great story!

K said...

Oh wow! What a story! My biggest fear is not being able to get an epidural since it's the only thing that I'm set on! Looks like Little Jack didn't want to wait anymore!

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