Monday, February 10, 2014

Jack- 1 month

On February 5th Jack turned 1 month old.  Seriously?!?! Time would you please slow down! I feel like we were just rushing off to the hospital. My little man  changes every day. It's amazing. What a roller coaster this last month has been. 

Weight and Height- Jack now 8 pounds 15 ounces. He was born at 8.2, lost some and has now gone back up! He is gaining weight which is an awesome sign. Considering his diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis weight gain is huge for him. This may be a great sign in the future for treatments. Jack is also 21.75 inches. His weight is perfect for his height! 

Health- Jack continues to go back to his specialist every two weeks. We met with his nutritionist and social worker.  They are hopeful and positive that he will have a mild case. This doesn't exclude him from treatments but its something for this very scared mom to grasp onto. We will meet with his respiratory specialist next appointment to discuss treatments. Keep those positive vibes and prayers coming. We appreciate them more than you know. Jack is now struggling with some reflux issues too. 

Sleep- Jack is a great sleeper. He does not laying on his back and will wake up a few times a night. He slept through the night 3 times this month.  

Crying- Jack barely cries. He likes to be held but I'm sure that is my fault. I can't help but holding him the majority of the time. His daddy is also guilty of this. He picks him up the minute he gets home from work and doesn't put him down. 

Clothes- Jack is still in newborn. He doesn't seem to be growing out of them anytime soon.  

Feedings- Breast milk. Breastfeeding has been difficult for me. It is painful so I pump and nurse. He is using Dr Brown's bottles and he is taking in about 2.5 ounces but we break them up over time. He also sits upright for 20-30 minutes after feeding to reduce the reflux. 

Routine- It took some time but we are in a routine. Mommy feeds him and pumps every 2 hours. The 2 of us nap around 3:30 each afternoon and wake up around 5 when daddy gets home. Our night time routine is great. He gets in the bath and it wakes him up nicely so he is tired by the time we go to sleep. This is usually around 11 or 12. 

Social- Not much going on socially just yet. He is focusing a little more on mommy, daddy and my mom's voice. His best friend is Bogart so far. Bogart LOVES him. I think Bogart thinks Jack belongs to him. He looks out for him and is also close by. When the baby cries so does Bogart or he runs around to us looking for what we think is help for Jack. It's a beautiful thing. 

Jack loves: 

- Being held close to mommy's heart. 

- Being naked. He will fuss when I try to dress him. 

- Gumdrop pacifiers. He is obsessed. These are the brand he got in the hospital and he has refused all the others we have offered him.  

- Taking showers with mom. He loves the warm water on his body. He also really likes the bath.  It is very soothing for him. 

- Car rides! 

- Laying on his activity mat. 

- Piano music on Pandora.  It soothes him so nicely.  

- Taking walks.  

Jack dislikes: 

- Getting dressed. 

- Burping

- Mittens

- Gripe Water

-  Farting

- Laying on his back

- Lossing his pacifier although he pushes it out for attention.  

Look how much he has changed 

Fresh from the womb

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks
(This is one of my favorites.  He looks like he wants to rage!)


Monica L said...

So adorable! Its crazy how quickly that goes by

Jen said...

Wow one month already?! He is such a precious boy.

Molly said...

I absolutely love the picture of Jack and Bogart. So cute!

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