Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scenes From Maternity Leave

Maternity leave has been nothing short of amazing and exhausting all wrapped into one. Jack will be 8 weeks old on March 5th. I can't believe how quickly it all has gone by. I'll have to go back to work on April 1st and it is already breaking my heart. What I wouldn't do to stay home with my little angel forever. 

So far this is what maternity leave looks like around these parts:

- Somedays I don't get a chance to brush my teeth till the afternoon.

- I'm lucky I get a shower every other day. 

- I've watched the 3 final seasons of One Tree Hill on Netflix. 

- Everything is done around feedings and pumping. 

- My boobs hurt more than I could have imagined. 

- Doing things one handed hasn't been good to my floors or  carpets. My carpets see more coffee, water, juice and food than my mouth does. 

- I see the 4am hour more than anyone should. 

- I've gotten very familiar with Law and Order SVU episodes. Marathons take place every Tuesday and Thursday. 

- We moved an accent table out of the living room and replaced it with a changing table. 

 - I eat like there is no tomorrow. 

- I bought a pair of jeans and yes they are 2 sizes bigger than I'd like. 

- Most of the time I only go out for Jack's doctor's appointments. 

- We started Jack's CPT therapy for his cystic fibrosis. I cry every time we do it. 

- Jack and I read all the time. 

- I sing to him and he likes it which amazes me because I really can't carry a tune. 

- We cuddle a lot and we try to nap before daddy gets home. 

- The days just fly by. 

- I forget things constantly. Like my credit card after spending $75 at Walmart and having to run home for my card. 

- I have cabin fever so bad! 

 - There are days when I'm covered in either poop, pee, formula or puke and I do't mind. 

- I've taken over 500+ pictures of Jack.

- I look at Jack in amazement. I still can't believe he is mine. 

- The relationship with my husband has gotten stronger than we could have ever imagined. 

- My heart feels like it could explode with joy every second of every day. 


Jen said...

You are amazing, he seems like such a happy and content little boy.

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Soak it ALL in!!! This is my first full week back and it sucks!! I wish for the days that I didn't brush my teeth until the hubs got home from work! Bad news - I still see the 4 am hour - E.V.E.R.Y D.A.Y but you know what I don't mind it a bit. I thought I would be exhausted at work but it amazes me how I can function on such little sleep.

Meg Doherty said...

Oh my gosh, Jack is so freakin' cute! Bahaha I love that you watch SVU marathons too... I might just be starting an episode right now. I'm so sad you have to go back to work in April :( Live in this last month!!

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