Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Mommy Favorites

As a new mom I will admit I was pretty oblivious to how many items and just how much work a how much work newborn really is.  Jack is a pretty easy going baby and he only cries at night or when he isn't close to mommy.  I feel like I'm always on the move; feeding, pumping, dishes, cleaning an its usually in that cycle all day long.  Im lucky that Brian is so hands on and is able to help after work. All of this plus trying to remember to take care of myself has been tough.  Here are just a few of the items that have been helpful to me as a new mom.

Pump and Save Bags have been easy to store and freeze. I started off using the Medela brand but just found the Target brand is a few bucks cheaper. Target does it again!

Organic Nipple Covers- These are reusable and much better for my wallet and the environment

Green Sprouts Burp Clothes- Jack is a spitter. These are the best I've used. They are longer, thicker wider and are shaped better than any others I have used. 

LL Bean XL Canvas Tote- It's HUGE and is perfect for a long day out when my regular diaper bag is too small. 

Medela Hands Free Pumping bra- I've found pumping to be tedious and boring. At least with this I have been able to have contact with Jack and even bottle feed him. Yay for multitasking mommas! 

Quick Clean Wipes- These are always in our diaper bag. The are easy to use especially on the go.  

Here are just a few more things that have come in handy: 

- Large water bottle because it keeps the trips back to the kitchen down to a minimum.

- Trail mix, granola bars, pretzels and other easy to grab and go snacks.

- Dermaplast and Tucks pads- After the pain of a natural birth there are not too many things that make you feel good down there but these 2 items definitely helped.  My hospital supplied them but I would suggest purchasing them because I used 2 of each packages.  They were a huge help.

- Yoga pants, open front top/robe- I prefer the the roll down waist yoga pants but I pull them up over my tummy.  The open front tops were helpful when pumping and nursing.

- Nursing Cover- After Jack was born we had non stop visitors which made it difficult to pump and nurse comfortably. I also bring it along wherever I go just in case.

What are some items new moms have found helpful?


Earl-Leigh said...

Open front tops for sure! I didn't realize the importance until I had to take my top completely off when Harper was in the NICU. LOL! The nurses and I had to become fast friends. ;)

And castile soap...its gentle and natural.

Ashley said...

I need to get some reusable pads for my bra! Way more efficient and cost friendly than disposable!! I also need more nursing tanks!! I'm struggling with finding a nursing friendly wardrobe, hoping once I get used to breastfeeding, wardrobe options will get better!! Lol

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