Monday, March 10, 2014

Jack 2 Months

I can't believe Jack is already 2 months old (and a few days)Jack is growing so strong and he changes everyday. I can't believe I lived so long with out him in my life. He makes everyday better. He makes everyday happier. He is the light of my life.

Weight and Height- Jack now 10 pounds 3 ounces.  We have increased his food intake as his doctors were concerned his weight was not increasing like it should.  He went up 13 ounces since last week.  We are thrilled.  Jack is also 22 inches long!

Health- Jack continues to go back to his specialist. We met with his respiratory specialist too. She has put Jack on a nebulizer 2 times a day followed up by percussion therapy where we hit his back with cup like paddles.  It has been a lot for us. My husband is calm about everything but I cry every time its done.  Jack doesn't like one portion of the nebulizer treatment and screams through it making it heartbreaking to listen to. The treatment will help loosen the mucus in his lungs.  The treatment takes over an hour each time. We do have great news though, He does not need enzyme therapy!!!! His body is working well! We are thrilled! We are all about little victories around here lately! 

Sleep- Jack is a great sleeper. He  was sleeping through the night. We have to wake him up every 4 hours to feed him. 

Crying- Jack barely cries. He is such a happy little boy. He cries during his treatment but when he isn't crying he giggles through it. He is my little champion. His strength for such a little man inspires me every second of the day. 

Clothes- Jack is too long for newborn but still a little too small for 3 month clothes. 

Feedings- Breast milk and I've had to supplement with some formula. I hate that but I'm just not pumping enough for him. I pump every 2 hours and barely get 3 ounces. I'm taking Fenugreek and drinking Mother's Milk tea in hopes of increasing. Jack's nutritionist is glad I've started to supplement. She thinks the stress of breast feeding was causing stress that was impacting my supply negatively 

Routine- It took some time but we are in a routine. Mommy feeds him and pumps every 2 hours. Jack has started taking a nap after his 8am feeding and usually sleeps until 11. Our night time routine is great. He gets in the bath and it wakes him up nicely so he is tired by the time we go to sleep. This is usually up until 11 or 12 and I've been waking him to eat at 4am. 

Social- He is so incredibly happy and friendly. He goes to anyone and enjoys being held by every one. He loves his activity mat. He chats it up with his hanging friends. He choos and smiles at me all the time. He loves listening to me sing to him (I don't know why. I'm a terrible singer)

Guy's night with his bff Michael. 

Jack's first party

Laying in his crib for naps. 

First trip out for dinner with mom and dad.  He did great.  

With great grandma

At the doctor.

Look how much he has grown.  

Getting so big. 


Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

When people use to tell me they don't know what they did before they had kids I thought they were crazy, now I totally get it!!! He is getting so big and he is sooo stinking cute!!! Yay for good news and no enzyme treatment!! I understand the supplementing let down. We had to start that in the hospital and I was not happy about it and finally had to switch to all formula by 5 weeks. Hang in there Momma!

Jen said...

He is such a precious boy!!

Ashley said...

Can't believe he is 2 months already!!! He is adorable!!! Glad things are going well! I hope is treatments get easier on you!!

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