Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baby Jack - 3 Months (Already!?!?)

I can't believe Jack is already 3 months old. Jack changes everyday. I can't believe I lived so long with out him in my life. He makes everyday better. He makes everyday happier. He is the light of my life.

Weight and Height- 
At Jack's last appointment he weighed 11 pounds 13 ounces.  I'm sure he is more now. We have increased his food intake to 5 ounces every 2-3 hours.  I have noticed he has started to slow down and he's not sucking them down like he did the last few weeks. His doctors, especially his nutritionist was thrilled he has gained so well! Jack is also 22.75 inches long!

Jack continues to go back to his group of specialists. They are wonderful. We are lucky to have such an excellent children's hospital so close! We continue his nebulizer and percussion therapies 21 times a day. Jack seems to be handling it better which means so am I.  When he would scream through them I would have a break down each time. It's a much calmer routine these days. We are all feeling grateful and relieved! He has a slight cold. He started coughing a few weeks back and it scared me to death. With his CF we have to be extra careful. We rushed him to his pulmonologist who checked his lungs. Thankfully they were clear and he is slightly congested. 

Jack is a great sleeper. He always has been. We have to wake him up every 4 hours He isn't pleased and usually falls asleep through his feeding so I have to tickle his toes to keep him awake. 

Jack barely cries. The occasional air bubble or treatment make him cry out but that is it! He is such a happy little boy. He doesn't even cry when he wakes up in the morning! Most mornings he's shaking his legs and smiling away! 

I swear it changes every day. His eyebrows and hair have a hint of strawberry blonde. It almost looks red but not really, if that makes sense. He definitely isn't the dark Italian baby like his daddy. 

Blue, blue, blue! 

Jack is wearing 3 months. He still fits in most 0-3 as well. My sister in law just sent over 2 more storage bags FULL of clothes! His little drawers are full. Plus his mommy has a Carter's addition. I can't keep my hands off little rompers for the summer!!! 

Breast milk and I've had to supplement with some formula. I hate that but I'm just not pumping enough for him.  I'm taking Fenugreek and drinking Mother's Milk tea in hopes of increasing. Jack's nutritionist is glad I've started to supplement. I actually pump more now that the stress is off. It's been tough going back to work but I've been strict about locking myself in my office to pump every 2 hours. I get a ton of work done during that time too. No interruptions! 

We have one down. Most days start at 4am. We begin with a bottle, wait an hour and do his treatment. He usually falls asleep after his 8am bottle and again in the late afternoon. 

He is so incredibly happy and friendly. Jack reacts to me so very well! Every time I speak to him he smiles. He has become more trusting of me, his dad and his grandparents. He goes to anyone and enjoys being held by every one. 

Bath time although he has been pushing himself into the deeper part of the bath. He loves being almost completely submerged! 
Music- We all love the Frozen station on I tunes Radio. He still like when I sing to him. 
Family- He loves his grandmas and grandpas. He spends each day with older cousins, 1 and 4 years old. 
Bouncy seat- We got everything plus more at our shower but this little guy loves this $3 find from a yard sale. We burn out batteries like nobody's business. 

Getting his boogers sucked out. 

I'm getting back to work and it's tough. I think I'm getting there. I'm surprised at how much better I'm doing this week. I hate being away from my little man but I like the routine of getting out of the house. Showers each day are a good thing! I'm so used to less than 5 hours of sleep I'm feeling good. I'm hoping getting back to work will help mr loss some weight. Sitting on the couch for 3 months only made things harder. 

Jack holds his head up so well. He focuses really well on items and familiar voices. He even giggled for the first time the other night. He was out cold but it was awesome. His eyes are so bright and inquisitive I can't imagine all the great things he is learning and processing. 

Chicken Nugget, Stinky Doodle, Bug, Noodle, Jack Frost, Hungry Jack, Jack Attack


Meg Doherty said...

I love reading about little Jack! And even more than that, I love all of his Yankees outfits ;)

Jen said...

Happy 3 months sweet Jack! I love reading these updates. :)

Ashley said...

Love his onesie!! soo cute! We saw one like that and didnt buy it and we still kick ourselves for not buying it! haha!
He is soo cute and you look great!! So glad he is doing well!!

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