Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Oh hey,

What have you all been up to? I've been a bad blogger and blog reader. I've been trying to be a good momma and attempting to get a good system in order now I'm back to work. It's been a little difficult but we are trying.

So a little catching up...

- I'm back to work and it's been ok. I swear I have lost every password and can't remember much else. My boss and coworkers were wonderful while I was away.

- The weather was finally nice this past weekend. We took full advantage. We had a nice long walk with our friends.

- My little man has finally, after 3+ months has decided to nurse. We had a horrible time with breast feeding. After a while I gave up. I couldn't take the screaming or the discomfort any longer so went to  pumping. He amazed me the other day when I was pumping and he began fussing. I took a chance and he did wonderful. I hope it keeps up but I'm hurting.

- I have created a team in honor of my little Jack for a Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides walk. We already have 13 members and hoping for more. We are raising money too. I very rarely ask things but if you have any interest in supporting our team, Super Jack we would appreciate it greatly. Click HERE to see our team page.

- We finally got Jack into his Bumbo. He seems to like it. I can't believe this little boy is getting so big already.

- Mommy is finally going to take care of herself. I'm getting my hair done this weekend. I think I want a nice change. I need something different. I haven't gotten my hair done since October! Ridiculous right?!?!?


Nichole @ said...

Sounds like you're starting to get a good routine, down! Glad to read it :)

Jen said...

So glad you have a routine and how wonderful about the walk!

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