Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My 1st Mother's Day

For the 1st time I was able to celebrate Mother's Day with not only honoring my mom but feeling the love on a whole new level. On Sunday Jack woke up at 3 and again at 5:30am to eat and then woke up for the day at 6:30am. I took the 3 and 5:30 feedings because I try and nurse whenever I am not at work. Jack resisted the boob for 3.5 months so I'm getting all the bonding time in that I can. By 6:30 I   was spent! I woke up Brian and curled up in bed, all by myself and slept in until 9:30!!! It was GLORIOUS!!!! 

I woke up to a happy little boy and my favorite breakfast; bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel with chocolate milk and coffee (NOT DECAF. I deserve it. I've been such a zombie lately) Most of the morning we cuddled and just relaxed. 

My sister in law had our nephew's 5th birthday party on Sunday so we spent the afternoon with my in laws. The weather was beautiful and we spent most of the day outside. We snuck in some mommy and me pictures. I must pick my favorite to add to our gallery wall soon. What do you all like? Hopefully by our Father's Day pictures I'll fit in more than 3 outfits!!! 

We topped the night off with a venti iced coffee and we cooked dinner for a few days. 
Great news is I didn't have to wipe a butt or clean up poop all day long! 

I also saw this and I hold it close to my heart. Being a mom of a child with cystic fibrosis is tough. This makes it all very real but I love my life and boy! 

Hooray for Mother's Day and all the lovely mommas out there. 


Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

So happy you had such a great day!!! Love those pics I think my fave is the second one! Damnit, my hubs didn't get the no poop cleaning memo!

Jen said...

What a wonderful day that you had! You deserve it my friend! :)

WinterBenson said...

Such cute photos! Happy first mothers day!

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

Aw, I love the photo of you holding him above your head, where you're grinning so huge :)

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day!

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