Friday, May 9, 2014

What I Really Want For Mother's Day

As my first Mother's Day approaches I find myself thinking about what I really want. I don't want jewelry, flowers or anything tangible.! Instead all I really want is more time! I really want more time with my son, more time in the day to clean, cook, and just time to relax and be a family.

In the day to day rush and struggle to get things accomplished I often find myself feeling so guilty.  When I'm preparing bottles for the next day, lunch and household chores all I really want to be doing is playing with Jack. I want to sit on the floor with him and cheer him on as he tries to roll over.  I want to listen to his chatter and his new found love of blowing raspberries.

I'm out of the house 10 hours a day. I think I can speak for many working moms that they feel as if they miss so much. I know SAHM have it tough and it isn't easy but I envy them and the time they get to spend with their little ones.  I am so afraid I will miss the first time he rolls over, crawls, stands or says his first word.  I find myself keeping jack up late to hang with him.  I just don't want to miss a thing.

Happy Mother's Day to every mommy out there. I hope that you enjoy every second with your little miracle.  In this hectic life take a little time to breathe and enjoy! You deserve it for all you do and all the love you give. 

This weekend I intend on snuggling my little man extra! I want to appreciate him and the miracle that he is.  I want to celebrate how Jack has made my life whole and fulfilled every wish and dream I have ever had.


Jen said...

You are such an amazing Mom!!! Wishing you a wonderful 1st Mother's Day!

Meg Doherty said...

What great photos! I hope you got tons of time with Jack yesterday :)

Ashley said...

Hope you had a great day with your little man!! Happy Mothers Day!!

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