Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weekend Recap...

Thursday too late for a weekend recap? Ok, well I hope not. Life is crazy on these parts. My poor mom is back in the hospital. She got violently sick again Monday night. She has had several crazy symptoms since February; violently vomiting along with anaphylactic reactions and no one seems to know the cause. The doctors are baffled and she is just getting sicker and sicker. Prayers and lots of positive thoughts are appreciated.

Back to some happy things...
I have not recapped one of our weekends in so long. Truth is our weekends are usually super busy. I barely have time for anything. We run back and forth between our parent's houses, we clean and if we have time for fun stuff we do that too. This weekend was a little different and we actually had time for ourselves and it was awesome!

 On Saturday Brian worked so Jack and I had a day to ourselves. I cleaned the house and we cuddled. We tried more sweet potatoes and it was tough. Jack has been having a difficult time trying new foods and it hasn't been easy for him or me.

After Brian got home from work we ordered some sandwiches and went to a free concert in the park by our home. The music left a little to be desired but we were right next to a playground and had a blast with Jack. We enjoyed our dinner as a little family of 3. It was a perfect little night. 

On Sunday we went to a church and firmed up the plans to have Jack baptized. It was a new church for both Brian and I. We loved it. The members were so kind and welcoming to our family and it really felt like something I wanted to become more a part of. It was a great way to end the weekend. 

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