Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Son Hates Solid Food

I let him play with his food a bit. 

We have been having a really tough time eating around here. Jack has truly been the easiest baby. I have been truly blessed. He has been so agreeable with almost everything. I just assumed eating solids would be another easy transition. I waited till 6 months to feed him solids. It took Jack almost 4 months before he latched correctly. I tried the cereals at 51/2 months because he is still having a tough time gaining weight. He nurses really well and takes the bottle ok. He just has a hard time gaining any weight. He hasn't even doubled his weight yet.

Lately Jack has had such a tough time with solid foods. He started off eating rice and he really didn't like it but he LOVED oatmeal. So on Friday night I bought tons of fresh veggies and cooked them up. As I blended them up I couldn't help but thinking about what I used to make in blenders on a Friday night. Let's just say there weren't sweet potatoes and green beans back in 2004. It was more likely tequila! Since he liked the oatmeal so much I thought solid food would come easy for us. Not so much! My poor boy is having a terrible time with new foods.

He hated carrots...

Can you tell? 

This is what meal time looks at our house.  Good times.

He gags, heaves and throws up almost every time. 

We thought sweet potatoes would be easier. We mixed them with oatmeal and the same thing happened. He gagged, heaved and learned how to spit. I'm hoping it just takes time. We have been at it for 2 weeks. I hate that he isn't eating but the spitting was just a tiny bit funny. I kept trying with the sweet potatoes and its gotten a bit better but not great. I have to mix it in with his oatmeal in order for him to not gag and it needs to be a very liquid consistency.

Any hints or tricks from new mommies?


Jen said...

Aww poor guy I hope he starts to enjoy them.

Meg Doherty said...

Aww good luck! At least you've found one thing he likes. That comment about the blender definitely made me laugh, too :)

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