Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's In Your (Diaper) Bag

I can't count how many posts I have actually seen all over the blog world about what is in their purses. I haven't yet seen many on what's in your diaper bag. My diaper bag goes all over. I do still have a purse that comes with me to work every day but the diaper bag contains all of the necessities I need for Jack and myself.  I’m a mom and I think it’s fun to see what others have in their all-important life line while on the go, so I thought I’d share mine!

Here is my version of what's in my bag.

My bag was purchased at Pottery Barn Kids. It has since been discontinued but here is one like it. 

I actually don't like my diaper bag. I wish I did. It is wayyyy to small and has only 2 small  compartments on the outside of the bag. I have to dig through the entire bag to find anything small. It usually happens when Jack is in desperate need of a pacifier and its all the way at the bottom. 

Changing Pad

Gussy Sews Tote- 
I bought this little tote way before having children. It was the perfect size little purse. I have seen so many bloggers post about the Huggies wristlet which are cute but nowhere as awesome as this one. It fits up to 6 diapers, Huggies wipe container, and enough room for my keys and cell phone.


Extra bibs

Burp clothes

Babyganics Sunscreen

Pacifier, pacifier clips and pacifier cleaning wipes

Bottle, Purified Water and Similac to go-
Just in case baby ever needs a bottle and I'm not available or he is having trouble latching.

Extra Clothes
I always pack at least 1 outfit, 1 long sleeve/long pants outfit, socks and pajamas.

Jack loves his Boon Ducky

Dirty Diaper Bags

Hands and Face Wipes

Hand Sanitizer

Diaper Cream

Bathing suit
Bucket hat

Now on to momma:
Granola or Snack

What about you?
What do you carry in your diaper bag?

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Ashley said...

I feel like I have too much stuff in my bag, but after seeing this, maybe I don't haha. I have a receiving blanket, a swaddle blanket, extra clothes, diapers, wipes , change pad, toys, diaper bags, nursing cover, meds for baby (just in case), hand sanitizer, wet bag and I think that's it haha. We recently left our change pad on the airplane and now need to get a new one, for now I using a cheap change pad liner lol.

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