Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baby Jack 7 Months Old

Weight and Height- 
Jack now weighs 15.4 and is 26 inches long!  He's still wearing lots of 3-6 month clothes. He is still small for his age and I'm hoping he puts on some weight now he is onto solids. 

Jack continues to go back to his group of specialists. We continue his nebulizer and percussion therapies 2 times a day.  He is feeling good lately! You would never even know he has cystic fibrosis. He will be getting some blood work, another sweat test and chest x-rays next month. 

Jack hasn't gotten into a pattern yet. One week he will be up 3 times a night and the next week he will be sleeping for 6+ hours. We are back to waking up 2-4 times a night this week... Pass me some caffeine!

Jack barely cries.He is such a happy little boy. He has started crying in the car.  When he can't see me it gets him upset. If I give him my hand he will usually calm down and fall asleep. 

It's growing so well and it is getting lighter. 
I still think he may be a strawberry blonde.

A gray Blue! 

Jack is wearing 6 months. He also fits into some 0-3 onsies, crazy! I notice his one piece pjs are getting a little small, length wise. 

Jack is nursing whenever he is with me. He only seems to nurse for a very short time and I feel like I'm always feeding him. I pump all day at work. He takes 7-8 oz bottles every 4 hours. He has also started solids and it has not been easy. We are making very slow progress. He has a strange gag reflex. If something touches his tongue its puke time. So gross! He really enjoys bananas and yellow squash. He has tried carrots, sweet potatoes, plums, and zucchini. 

We have one down. Most days start at 5am. We begin with this treatments and follow that up with a feeding. Our nights usually contain another treatment and feedings. We all go to bed around 11pm.  

He is so incredibly happy and friendly. He is such a flirt its crazy! He smiles at any pretty girl. He loves watching older kids too.  Jack reacts to people he is familiar with and its usually a huge smile. He is now interested in his cousins and smiles at them when they play. He is so friendly with my best friend's little boy. They laugh and smile all the time when they are together. 

He LOVES being in the water to swim and take baths. 
Jack love dogs. He squeals with excitement when he sees them. 
He loves pretty girls too. He is very flirtatious.  I've got trouble on my hands. 
Jack loves to imitate others. He will cough and giggle when he hears others. 
He is obsessed with phones, iPads and remote controls. 
Jack loves his Fisher Price musical push toy. 
Family- He loves his grandmas and grandpas. He always smiles at mommy and laughs when daddy makes funny faces. 
Cartoons especially Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

Jack loved his first adventure swinging. 

Solid food
Car rides
Being in a different room than his mom and dad

Is exhausted all the time. I'm having a tough time. I feel like I have finally hit the wall and I'm tired all the time no matter how many hours of sleep I get. I still hate being at work. Every hour I'm away from him I wish I was with Jack. I want to experience so much with him and I just feel like I'm missing a lot when I'm away. I'm sure most working moms feel the same way.   
Kisses from his furry brother. 


Jen said...

Happy 7 months you sweet boy! He just always seems so happy. I love it. :)

Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

Oh Jack I just love you!!! I am so glad to here that his CF is in check!! Great news! I can't get over how tiny he is compared to my 24lbs tank! LOL The solids are a learning process. Mav gagged at first and we just kept trying a little each night. Then when we started making our own food and had to start that process all over again. Hang in there Momma!! Working full time blows!!!

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