Monday, August 11, 2014

Vacation Days

The first day of our vacation Jack and I were pretty low key. My mom had just been released from the hospital the night before so we were sure we wanted to visit. My mom has been sick since October. She has suffered greatly with allergic reactions and stomach issues. Her body has taken a beating especially since February. Thankfully the doctors believe they know what is wrong and she should be ok as long as she follows a very strict diet.

Jack and I made our way over to grandma's house shortly after we hit up Carters. We have a 1st birthday party to go to this weekend and since it's for a little girl I couldn't resist picking up some girlie goodies. I don't mind shopping for my little boy but clothes for girls are just so darn cute! I got my hands on a few outfits for the birthday girl  (here, here, )and of course I just had to pick up some adorable stuff for Jack. (here, here, here, here) I can't help myself in that store. Those are only some of the goodies I picked up.

After Carters and a visit with mom Jack we met my cousin for dinner. Jack was a total ham and flirted with all of pretty waitresses and customers. It's getting out of hand. My little boy is such a flirt. I swear that everywhere I go some one if not more than one stop to talk to my little flirt. He's such a good boy and always happy I guess people have a hard time not chatting with him. After dinner the 2 of us hung out on our little bridge in town and watched the ducks swim while listening to some live music in town.

On day 2 of vacation Jack and I woke up super early. Jack hasn't been waking up at night like he used too but the 5 am wake up is tough. We did lots of chores and took a nice early walk. Jack's new favorite thing are walks because he is completely obsessed with dogs and in his carriage he is at dog level. He met the new neighborhood Golden Retriever, Bailey. Bailey is a beast but loves kids. He came right up to us. Licked Jack all over and stole one of hit toys. Jack thought it was hysterical. 

 After our walk we went to our local Farmer's Market. Since making Jack's baby food I've been trying to find the freshest, most organic, and local products. Our market is fantastic. There are over 25 booths and so much to chose from. I even treated myself to a crepe filled with lemon curd and fresh from the market blueberries 

The market is only about a mile from our wedding venue. I took a walk over and sat at the boardwalk. I took pictures of Jack were some of our wedding pictures were taken. I just adore that our life has become full circle. 

We did a little shopping for grandma's birthday at my new favorite store, Shelter Vintage and promptly went home for a nap in order to gear up for movie night in the park. 

More on our vacation coming up soon. 

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Jen said...

What a great vacation so far! He is such a cutie! :)

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