Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vacation Days- New Jersey Botanical Gardens

On the 3rd day of my vacation we were finally together as a family of three. We started our day at church. We have found ourselves a new church that we would like to raise our son in. (I grew up Catholic but have not been practicing in years.) We love it and have decided to Baptize Jack there in the fall. It is the most welcoming community and we feel lucky.

After church our family took a trip to The New Jersey Botanical Gardens at Skylands Manor. It was gorgeous. The grounds were amazing.  They are filled with 96 acres of formal gardens  and surrounded by 1000 acres of woodlands. They are filled with all types of gardens including hosta, wildflower and annual gardens which were all in bloom during our visit. Although we only saw some of their late summer blooms the grounds are filled wit amazing blooms like the peony, lilac gardens as well as magnolia and crab apple trees.

 The Skylands Manor is also located on the grounds. We did not take a tour inside it was beautiful.  It was built in the mid 1920s and I could totally picture Great Gatsby-like parties taking place here. They continue to host weddings and events. My husband even sang here with his high school choir.

It was a perfect day. We had such a nice time. Jack is always such a happy boy when we go places. It has been such a pleasure introducing Jack to new experiences. Although he may not remember all of these times it is so nice for us to make memories as a family.


Jen said...

Wow what a beautiful place! :)

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