Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vacation Days- NJ State Fair

Brian and I try to make it to the NJ State Fair each year. It's pretty ridiculous to me because neither one of us go on any of the death trap carni rides. We don't watch any of the derby shows or the auctions. Mostly we go to pig out of deliciously bad for you carnival food. So we pretty much pay to get in to eat. Such a waste of money but hey, you only live once, right?!?

While I was on vacation Brian took a day off to spend with us so we attempted the fair. This time we were $ smart and went before noon to save soe cash. We subjected Jack to some of Sussex County's finest. I mean that with LOTS of sarcasm. This summer has been unseasonably cool here in NJ except for this day. It was sweltering at the fair. We were all so sweaty it was tough to enjoy ourselves.

Jack loves animals so we made sure we visited all the horses, cows and even a few angry ostriches from local farms. It was against my better judgement but we also went to see the "petting zoo" animals because we had heard about a giraffe and I didn't really believe it. I'm not into keeping animals for profit or attraction so it really didn't sit right with me. I actually felt guilty for bringing Jack to see them.

Our little guy LOVED the equestrian show too. We happened upon it on accident. It was the only shady section of the fair grounds.  Jack would squeal with excitement every time a horse would pass. We finally couldn't take the heat any longer so we grabbed some, terrible for you but delicious gyros and fried oreos and called it a day!


Jen said...

This looks like a lot of fun! He is such a cutie. :)

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

I'm dying to try a fried oreo!! I would totally go to the fair for the food, too.

Meg Doherty said...

Oh man, fairs are the best!! They HAVE to have them in SC, right?? haha! Definitely not the same advertising as up north lol!

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