Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baby Jack- 9 Months Old

Weight and Height- 
Last appointment he was 17.8 and that was a couple of weeks ago. Ugh, grow Jack, GROW!!! He is 27 inches long. He eats well but just doesn't gain weight as well. He is the only one in the house, lol. 

Jack is doing AMAZING. A few weeks ago I posted about his awesome test results. He may never suffer the extreme effects of his Cystic Fibrosis. We feel like we can take a deep breath! Finally. We will continue his treatments and continue to visit his specialists. 

Jack is killing me! He doesn't sleep. He has started waking up at least 4 times a night. I don't know why. Nothing has changes. I'm in misery most days. We have tried everything since 6 months. He used to sleep so well but not anymore. I have put him in our room in the pack and play and that worked for 2 nights. We used to put him in our bed and now that doesn't even work. Sleep Jack, SLEEP! 

Jack has become very aware of his surroundings. He will cry when he doesn't see his mom or dad. He will cry going to most people besides us, his grandmas and my dad. He screams his face off at my father in law and my brother. Jack will cry in the car like some one is hurting him. He will cry if I don't feed him fast enough. 

It's such a beautiful. blonde color. 

A gray Blue!

Jack is wearing 6 months. He also fits into some 9 month stuff but most of it is still big. 

Jack is doing great with his feedings. Jack eats most pureed but we've been feeding him small bites too. He is doing well but I'm still nervous about the real food. 


Most days start at 5am. We begin with this treatments and follow that up with a feeding. He stays with my mother in law and his older cousin each day. He has a built in big brother and they have a blast together. Our nights usually contain of eating together when I get home from work. We give him a bath, we play, he nurses and another treatment after he has fallen asleep.  

He is so incredibly happy and friendly. He is such a flirt its crazy! He smiles at any one who pays attention to him. He loves watching older kids play. He squeals with excitement when he sees kids or dogs. He's started talking too. He says Mama, Dada, dar-dar (we think he means dog because he only says it chasing the dog.) He will say "Hi da" when Brian comes home from work. Jack reacts to people he is familiar with and its usually a huge smile. He is now interested in his cousins and smiles at them when they play. 

-Jack is getting Baptized on Sunday and we are having a small family party.
- Jacks' been crawling for a little over a month.
- Standing and pulling up like a big boy.
-Walking with his push carts
- Giving high fives

- Responding to his name and the word no.  

Puffs- he is obsessed.
Crawling like a mad man
He LOVES being in the water to take baths especially in his big boy bath seat.
Jack love dogs. He gets so excited when he sees any dog. 
 He is very flirtatious. 
Jack loves to imitate others. He will cough and giggle when he hears others. 
He is obsessed with phones, iPads and remote controls. 
Jack has started paying attention to more of his toys. He likes anything that plays music and he LOVES his Lightning McQueen ride on toy from grandma. 
His talking Daniel Tiger stuffed animal is his favorite.
Family- He loves his grandmas and grandpas. He always smiles at mommy and laughs when daddy makes funny faces. 
Cartoons especially Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

Laying down for diaper changes

Car rides
Being told no
Being away from his mom and dad

This mom is tired. I feel like I haven't slept in so long.. I'm happy. I just love being a mommy! I still have working mommy guilt but it has gotten a little better. It still sucks! 


Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

I can't believe he is in 6 month clothes!! My monster is in 12-18 - 12mth tops are too short and 18 mth pants are too long! LOL Sooo happy about his CF report!!!

Jen said...

Happy 9 Months sweet Jack! The picture of him in the bow tie is too cute!

Ashley said...

They say at that age their weight gain slows down because they burn more calories on the go! Noah is a slow gainer too!! Glad his test results came back soo good!! He is too cute ! Sleep Jack sleep! Give mama a break!!

Nichole @ said...

Aww, can't believe he is nine months! My sister's newborn was diagnosed with CF and it's been a very scary time for us all. I am glad Jack is doing so well!

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