Monday, December 8, 2014

Jack's 1st Christmas

christmas Day

christmas Day by kj2380 featuring christmas home decor

I am so excited for Christmas this year! I love Christmas but with a little one it just seems so much more fun. My wallet has definitely taken a beating this holiday season. It just seems I want to buy everything for Jack although I know family will spoil him too.

I've already purchased the 3 in 1 Trike and I LOVE it. Although it took Brian and I hours and a near divorce putting the darn thing together it is awesome. I've also gotten him plenty of books, Twas The Night Before Christmas, Sled, and tons of Little People toys. I really want to get him the wagon and tee pee but they may wait until his birthday on January 5th.

I feel like it was just last December. I was as big as a house and couldn't wait to meet my little baby. This Christmas will be amazing but I will always hold Christmas of 2013 close to my heart. Awaiting the arrival of our first baby around the holidays was by far a beautiful experience. I've been so blessed to share this past year with Jack. My heart is so full and I am in awe of how lucky I am being Jack's mommy. I've been blessed beyond measure. Santa doesn't need to leave a thing under the tree for me. Everything I have ever wanted will be around the tree with me from now on.

What are you hoping for this Christmas?
What great things are you getting your little ones this year?
Merry Christmas to all. 


Kenya said...

How exciting! My little one will be 4 months old and I have no idea what we will get her! She was a preemie so 4 month old toys for her may not be great as she is abut 2 months behind with her adjusted age, but I am sure we will find a toy for her and the rest of the family will spoil the crap out of her. LOL

Jen said...

I love that tee pee! So cute!

Amy DeVito said...

I hope you, Brian, & Jack have a wonderful Christmas. I hope Jack's first Christmas is amazing!!

The tee pee is so cute. They should make them for adults too. ;)

That backpack is adorable.

Amy @

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