Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Santa Baby

Although my husband and I have decided we are not buying Christmas gifts for one another this year I can still dream about some of the goodies a gal would like. Between only working 32 hours a week, our very large families, and Jack's birthday coming up in January money is more than just tight this holiday season. Although I would love to spend away on all of our favorite things it is the smart decision. So here is my virtual wish list.

Wish list

Lush Products- I am in love with their organic products! They make my skin feel refreshed and amazing.

Personalized iPhone Case- My Otterbox is great but I'd like to personalize my phone with a picture of my favorite little man.

Cardigans- Since having Jack all I find myself wearing are open front cardigans.  They are my favorite way of hiding all of my imperfections.

Victoria's Secret Gift Card- I haven't done much of anything nice for myself in quite some time. You may laugh at me when I say my last pedicure was. It may be nice to treat myself to something special.

Stella and Dot Charm Necklace- I would love to wear all of my favorite things around my neck. I adore the Stella and Dot Charm necklace. I'd probably add the number 5 for Jack's birthday, garnet for his birthstone, his initial and a mom charm.

Pregnancy Journal- I made one last year through Shutterfly and I've actually been hinting for my husband to buy it for me. I did just receive a free code so I may be getting this and wrapping it for myself!

I have to admit it would be nice to get a little something but it's much more important to me to see all the great things that Jack and our family enjoying the magic of the Christmas season.

What items are on your wish list this year?


Nichole @ said...

We bought a few house things on Black Friday (online, woot!) but we aren't doing gifts this year for each other. Maybe something small, but not sure. I love Lush! I don't know how but I just discovered it this year

Monica L said...

I love love Lush! I always put it on my Xmas list

Meg Doherty said...

I've still never shopped at Lush! I heard they just opened one here in Charleston, so I definitely need to check it out. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could get the strength of an Otterbox case, but personalized?!

Jen said...

I still can't believe Christmas is so close!

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