Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let's Be Thankful Swap Reveal- A Day Late


I don't do swaps as often as I used to but I really do love them especially around the holiday season. I decided to participate in Meg and Alex's swap because Meg is one of my favorite bloggers! 

My favorite part about this swap is I was actually paired up with Meg! Meg and I became blog friends several years back after we were paired together for a holiday swap! I remember from several years ago how kind and giving Meg was and she did not disappoint this time around either. Meg is such a giving and kind person it was really easy to shop for her. 

Check out these goodies. Oh yeah and I totally stole this picture from Meg (Thanks girl)
To be honest I ate the South Carolina Beef Jerky for dinner and the Charleston Chew for desert the night it arrived. When you have a baby and get home at 7:30 most nights you don't get dinner all the time. 

Another thing I love about Meg is our mutual love of the NY Yankees so the gloves she sent me are perfect. She knows I love coffee and moon pie flavored coffee sounds amazing to me. She also included some Pumpkin scented car fresheners, red nail polish (wearing it now!), some sleep lotion for my son who NEVER sleeps and some cozy socks. 

Most importantly Meg filled an adorable gift bag with goodies for the little girl I chose in our church's giving tree this year. The bag included crayons, stickers, hair clips, and bracelets. I cried when I saw all the extras Meg included for her. As always Meg's huge heart really showed in this swap! 

Thank you so very much Meg. 
Pop over to Borrowed Heaven to check out the goodies I sent Meg. 


Jen said...

I love what you got!!! :)

Meg Doherty said...

I am so glad you liked everything! I had so much fun shopping for you and hope you have a fantastic Christmas season. Thank you again for everything you sent me, I just LOVE it all!

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