Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby Jack- 1 YEAR OLD!!!

Weight and Height- 
Last appointment he was 19 pounds even. 
He is still wearing some 6-9 month clothes. 

Jack is doing AMAZING. He has made it to a year with NO COLDS or ILLNESS and 1 fever due to teething. 
We will continue his treatments and continue to visit his specialists.  He is doing so well. I am ecstatic 

Jack just doesn't sleep. He has not slept more than 3 hours in a row since August. It has been even more difficult these last few weeks. He won't give in to sleep at all. 

Jack is super social but really loves his mom and dad. He has some separation anxiety and cry when I walk away. When he does cry it is often if his needs aren't met immediately. He has often exchanged his cries for shrieking screams! He sounds like a dinosaur.  

Jack is a total piggy but has gotten a bit more picky this month. I have a feeling its his 2 top teeth coming in. When all else fails he LOVES yogurt! It's not so bad. His favorite is chicken soup and homemade chicken pot pie. He gets lots of fat, protein and veggies as well as all that extra sodium he may need due to losing so much salt. Thanks CF :( 
He also really enjoys French Toast and grilled cheese.

Most days start at 5am. We begin with this treatments and follow that up with a couple of hours of sleep. He is usually up by 8:30. He stays with my mother in law and his older cousin each day. He has a built in big brother and they have a blast together. Our nights usually contain of eating together when I get home from work. We give him a bath, we play, he eats and another treatment after he has fallen asleep.Lately sleep comes even later than it used to. It has to be completely dark with no noise for him to get to sleep and sometimes that doesn't even work. 

It's such a beautiful blonde color with some red highlights. 

A gray blue!

Jack is wearing 6-9 months. I have put on some 12 month pants and sweaters but they are usually way too big for him 

He is so incredibly happy and friendly. He is such a flirt its crazy! He smiles at any one who pays attention to him. He now waves at anyone waving at him. He loves watching older kids play. He squeals with excitement when he sees kids and he adores dogs. He verbalizes lots of sounds. He says ma, da, and dar dar a lot. He calls grandma Ga-Ga and calls out for Bogart! 

- Jack got his 1st black eye Christmas. He fought the table and the table won! 
- He also had his first tantrum! In Walmart and gave himself a bloody nose. It was the worst.
-Jack is walking...Lets just say its a full on run these days!!! 
- He is talking up a storm. 
- Jack says so many words now including "Thank you" when he is given something. "Hello" when he picks up a phone
- Jack understands SO MUCH. I'm shocked that he seems to understand so much of what I say. 
- Jack recognizes familiar faces in pictures. 
- Jack's fine motor skills are incredible.
- He points at things he wants
- He continues to sign "more"
-Jack sits up on all his ride on cars. 

- Clapping
- Remotes, phones

-Showing off
-Thomas the Tank Engine
-Playing with Bogart
-He is a water boy. He loves his baths.
-Jack love dogs. 
- Listening to music
- Dancing
-Family- He loves his grandmas and grandpas. 

Laying down for diaper changes
Car rides
Being told no
Going to bed
Sleeping in his crib

This mom is tired!!! Somethings never change! 
More than anything I am so HAPPY. 
I just love being a mommy and can't believe my little man is a year old.
Jack is such an awesome kid I am already having baby fever!!! 
Shhhhhh! Don't tell my husband yet!!! 
I still have working mommy guilt but it has gotten a little better. 
It still sucks! 


Kenya said...

So cute. Happy Birthday Jack!

Amy DeVito said...

He's so adorable! Happy 1st birthday, Jack!

Meg Taylor said...

Hahaha oh man, more baby fever!!! I hope he had a fantastic birthday!! He looks so happy riding that Mater tractor haha!

Jen said...

He looks so big!!!! :) That first picture is adorable.

Stephanie Cox said...

What a sweet little guy. He looks so big standing up with his toy.

Laura P. said...

He is such a cutie! Happy 1st birthday little guy.

Breanna said...

Such a little peanut! And absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday Jack!

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