Monday, January 5, 2015

On The Night You Were Born

"On the night you were born the moon smiled with such wonder and the night wind whispered Life Will Never Be The Same"

January 5, 2014

My sweet baby boy is 1!

It has been the most challenging and happiest year of my life. His first year has been hard yet very rewarding beyond my wildest expectations. It has been amazing watching him grow and develop so quickly! I guess it was as quickly as Jack's journey into the world and my labor. A week early, water breaking at 12:30, no time for an epidural, and born at 7:26am. 

Jack is loved beyond measure. My life is so blessed to have been chosen to be his mommy. My life is infinitely better because of this little boy. I am overwhelmed by joy! How lucky am I to wake up to his smiling face every day. 

Here are just a few of my very favorite pictures of Jack on the morning he was born. 

"Heaven blew every trumpet and play every horn on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born"



Kenya said...

Aww... Happy Birthday!

Meg Taylor said...

Awww Happy Birthday, little Jack!! I seriously cannot believe he is already a year old!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jack!!! :)

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! Can't believe he's one and that my little guy will be one next month!! Ahhh where does time go??

Amy DeVito said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating Jack's special day.

Laura said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!!! He was and still is the cutest little boy, ever!! I hope he had such a great 1st birthday!! And congrats to you for getting through your first year as a mama - I feel like we all deserve a medal or something right?

Kara Schwieterman said...

Awh, so adorable!!! Happy birthday to the little man!

Stephanie Cox said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!! The next year 1-2 is the best. Well, I think so because I have a 2 year old but really, it's fun now!

Kimberley T said...

aww, happy birthday!

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