Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jack's First Snowstorm

Before both Jack and I got sick the Northeast was hit with some pretty rotten winter weather. We got the first round on a Saturday and another round on a Monday into Tuesday. Although it wasn't quite the blizzard the weathermen forecasted it was still enough for daddy to get a day off so our family got an extra family day!

It was Jack's first official time playing in the snow. I wouldn't say any playing actually happened but he was prepared just in case! Jack gave up quickly on walking in the snow until he saw a dog and decided he wanted to follow the dog and bark at him. 

 During the s"NO"wstorm where we didn't get much snow at all we took Bogart and Jack sledding around the neighborhood. 

Jack loved sledding. He made his train sound the whole time. 

Does your little one enjoy playing in the snow? 


Meg Taylor said...

Omg I love that last shot of the brothers!! SO cute :)

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, he looks so cute!

Laura said...

He is just so so so so cute! Natalie was confused by the snow and I don't have a sled for her!! (total fail!) so she hasn't gotten to go sledding yet - I must go get one soon, this looks like so much fun!

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