Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mom Talk Tuesdays- Romancing and Parenting.

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I must admit this is not a subject I should be blogging about. I think I'm just linking up for advice from others. I have found the idea of romance has been something I've completely forgotten about since Jack has arrived.

I should be ashamed of saying this BUT we've only been on 2 dates since baby arrived. Yep, just two!  To be honest while we were out on both dates I couldn't wait to get home to my little man. I think there are several factors as to why I don't feel like I can get the parenting and romance act together. In addition to the lack of sleep and enjoying our little man I still don't feel like myself. I have barely lost any weight and I don't always feel good about myself. Who am I kidding? I don't ever feel good about my post baby body. I am proud of what my body has done in nurturing my baby and delivering a perfect little boy drug free but I've lost myself a lot in the process.

I think in order to have romance while parenting it takes a lot of important things. Here are the things I believe are the most important in finding romance again after having a baby:

- Self Love- I know liking myself and my body are a key piece to feeling good in a relationship.

 - Hold hands

- Cuddle- Even if its just before you fall asleep try and hold on to one another.

- Say Please and Thank You- This is a huge one for me. I still think these are the magic words. Being thanked for simple things puts me in such a happy mood.

 - CHILL OUT! This is the thing I need to do most. I am just an anxious person. I'm on edge and have to tell myself to chill quite often.

- Do things together!

- Remember what it was like before marriage, children and stress and how all of it got you to this point! 

- "You don't need to do it all"- Leave the dishes. There will be plenty of time to load the dishwasher later.

- Tell your husband you love him and your glad to see him- I don't dothis often but when I do my husband always thinks something is up my sleeve. I should try to do it more often.

What are the things that help keep the romance alive while parenting? 


Jen said...

I think these are great tips! :)

Sandra Litcher said...

These are great tips, not tips I always follow though. It is so hard! I think that the biggest one for me is self love and appreciating myself and how I look, because I am with you, my post baby body doesn't make me feel good and there is a direct correlation between that feeling and lack of romance.

Kassi Mortensen said...

All great ideas!! This is one of those things you have to focus on working on or it gets pushed to the side!

Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

I think my husband and I have been on two dates since both the kids were born! So that's like, a date a year. LOL.

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