Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Day In The Life Of (this) Working Mom

Now I admit I have been such a whiner about being a working mom. I'm sure if you've been around this blog for a while you know me well enough to know I can't stand leaving my son each day to go to work. Until I win the lotto or find the perfect stay at home job I just thought I would do a day in the life post. Obviously, if anyone has any at home work ideas please share! (no pyramid/sales type need apply)

(source unknown but if you do I'd love to give credit where credit is due)

7am- I wake up. I sneak out of bed because my boy does not sleep in his crib. Jump in a super fast speed shower and attempt to get ready before Jack wakes up. 

8:30am- I'm usually dressed and ready for work when I get Jack up, change his clothes, feed him a bottle.

(some mornings Brian will bring Jack to my mother in law's house where she sometimes watches him. On these days I get to blog a little and drink a cup of coffee. )

8:45am- My mother in law arrives followed by my sister in law and nephew. I am so incredibly lucky to have her watch my son and for my son to have his 3 year old cousin to spend the day with. 

9am- I give Jack his breakfast usually french toast, waffles, and some fruit. 

9:20am- I head off to work with a banana and head to Dunkin for my coffee. Kiss my boy about 100 times. Tell him I love him a few 100 times and because it's winter I scrape all the snow and ice off the  Jeep.

10am- Get to work, sometimes on times and immedicatly check my calendar and emails. I still love using my paper calendar. I am so much more visual and like to see it each day. I catch up with my staff and my boss. Did I mention I run a day program and after school children with Autism?

1:30pm- I send off my morning program and head to lunch. My parent's live 1 mile from my job so I spend lunch eating with my dad and hanging out with Bogart. My parents usually have delicious left overs for me so I always hit the lunch jack pot. 

2:30pm- Lunch is over and I prep myself and afternoon staff for the arrival of our children's program. We welcome 18-23 children in, provide snacks, work on their goals,  and offer structured recreation and social activities. 

6pm- All the children have departed. Work with staff, finish up emails, paperwork and meetings. 

6:30pm- Head home. 

7:15pm- Get home to catch the tail end of Jack's dinner and hang with him while my husband eats his dinner. This is the most hectic time for me. I try to wash all dishes, load the dishwasher, clean the kitchen and make Jack's food for the next day. I try to catch a bite too while Jack has his dessert. 

8pm- Some extra play time with my boy. I don't get much but I try my hardest to fit in as much fun time together. 

8:30pm- Bath time and story time for Jack. If you checked out this post you'll know why story time takes time during bath time. We extend bath time because Jack really loves it. 

9:30pm- Time to relax. Jack usually gets his last bottle and falls asleep with me 

10pm- Jack's nebulizer treatment gets done when he's asleep. It's impossible to wrangle a toddler for 20 minutes of nebulizer treatment and 10-15 minutes of chest PT. As we do this we try and catch an episode of our favorite show. 

10:30pm- We turn in for the night or until Jack gets us up a couple of hours later. We have be sticking to sleep training and he has surprised us most nights with sleeping until about 3am in his crib. There have been a few 12:30 wake up calls. 

So there you have it.

What's upsetting to me when I type this post is that I barely have any time with Jack during the day.
I try to savor all of these moments as much as I can.

What I wouldn't do to find a job where I can work from home and spend more time with Jack. These moments are so precious and he is getting so big. Being away from him 10 hours a day rips me apart.

Are you a SAHM, WAHM or a working mom outside of the home? How do you manage? What type of work do you do? 


Amanda said...

Such a long day! I'm a working mom too :) and I run 6 daycare facilities!!! I wake up at 5:40am, drop off the boys at daycare around 6:45 get to work about 7:15 and leave around 4:30ish, pick the boys up, bring them home, cook dinner, baths and bed hahaha are you on instagram? I barely blog anymore! my instagram is amandahammons

Linda Luke said...

I was a single working mom and remember days like this. I can tell you value your time with your son, which is the priority. It is also important to someway, somehow, find some time to nurture yourself.

Kara Schwieterman said...

Your a busy person!! I love that use still use a paper calender!! I do too!

Jen said...

You are such an amazing working Mom!

J Young said...

I agree, that is a long day! I admire the sacrifice you're making (wanting to be home with your child) because that's what your family needs right now. I am very blessed to be able to a SAHM and I definitely don't take it for granted! Things are pretty tight right now and we budget fairly strictly, but we are thankfully able to make it work at this time in our lives. It must make you feel so much better though to have your little one watched by family, that's so great!

Becky Brunner said...

I love that quote! Yes, when in doubt choose the kids! Its hard being a working mom!

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