Friday, March 6, 2015


Taking...more time for myself and family. We stay in a lot the last several weekend. I used to be on the go all the time and the weekends were spent spending time with Jack, shopping and spending money. It wasn't much fun for him or my wallet. I realize spending time in our pajamas on the weekends can be perfect. Most weekends are now spent cooking for the week, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and just enjoying my husband and son (and the extra cash in my wallet). 

Drinking... a lot of Dunkin iced coffee thanks to the refillable cups. $1.49, yes please. White chocolate raspberry coffee for the win! 

Keeping a list... of all the events I have coming up in March. Wedding shower, baby shower, Confirmation and finding time to squeeze in my birthday.

Wishing... the opportunity I may have pans out! 

Wearing... my winter best! Lots of sweaters, dark colors and scarves! 

Hating... WINTER. It has been a brutal few months. It's dark, gray and very cold!!!

Reading...I haven't read anything in a long time. I am hoping to get The Fringe Hours. Heard lots of really good things. 

Regretting...Not getting to the gym or Zumba at all. My body hates me and it's only going to get worse once I start getting back into taking care of my body. 

Playing...Lots of toddler games! Setting up railroad tracks. Lots of ball toss and soccer. 

Watching...Started House Of Cards this weekend and I wasn't as pulled in as I thought I would be. Bummed How To Get Away With Murder is over for the season. Did you watch the finale?!?!? AMAZING!!! 

Loving...Spending time with Jack. We have become part of a story time at our local bookstore. He LOVES the other kids. I enjoy watching him interact and making friends!!! I love watching him try to hug all the girls!!! 

Appreciating...The opportunity that I was given in hopes that it will pan out and things will get a whole lot better for my little family and me! 

Counting down...Days until it's light out when I leave work at night, SPRING, green grass, tulips, ballet flats, pretty clothes. 

Happy Friday Friends!!! 


Christine Hawkins said...

Always keep your head up! Things will get better. It is always better to stay in the weekend, the more you stay in and produce ore activities inside the more money you save. Unfortunately this winter has been harsh but it has made me stay inside. I am also going to be reading the fringe hours and I know that book couldn't of came in a better time in my life. Seems like you have been so busy girl!

Ashley Lee said...

I am a Starbucks girl but I do LOVE me some DD. I actually like DD pumpkin spice of Starbucks version! & I am with you, I am totally ready for spring.

Laina Turner said...

Relaxing at home with the family is awesome. Especially when it's cold.

Jaelan @ Making Mrs. M said...

Sounds like your calendar is full! Mine is, too! Spring is always so busy.

Kassie R said...

It's so nice to spend time at home with my family. I've found if we stay home in our pjs its way better for the bank account! I am currently reading The Fringe Hours.. just started it last night and loving it so far!

Jen said...

I really hope you get a break from the cold weather and that spring makes it way to you!

Meg Taylor said...

Aww I love Jack's Irish bib - so sweet. I am SO hoping spring comes your way soon. This winter has been so wild!! How far into HOC are you?? We have 2 episodes left and it's certainly been an interesting one!

Amanda D. said...

Oh I will be back on the Dunkin kick soon! I have one of those big traveling cups to refill as well. And mine is 2 blocks away from my house!

And I am so over winter as well - we just needs spring so much!

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