Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Ride

Last week was a tough one. On Thursday I got the all that Brian's Civic died on the side of the road. After taking it to the mechanic they let us know there was really no hope in fixing it. It's a bummer because it only has 150,000 miles on it. Honda's are supposed to last forever, right?!?! No luck for us. Thankfully we just got our tax return so we know where we are spending it.

Yesterday we took a look at a couple of cars. We've decided to go with an SUV/crossover. For piece of mind during these horrible winters we knew that an all wheel drive vehicle would be the best option. I already have a Jeep and it has been amazing in the bad weather. We narrowed it down to a 2015 Honda CRV which was amazing but ultimately was too expensive. We also took a look at a  few Subaru models. If all does well we will be the new owners of this bad boy before the weekend. We fell in love with the 2015 Forester. We are torn between a dark navy or beige. We will make the decision today. I'm thinking Brian may be the new owner of my old Patriot and I just might claim this one!


Amy DeVito said...

That looks like a great car!

Jenn said...

I've been thinking about getting a new SUV/crossover as well (I have a 4 door Accord), and the CRV has definitely been on my list.
Good luck with your decision!!

Jen said...

So exciting! We will likely get Kyle a new car in a few years however I will be sad to have a car payment again haha.

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