Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Easter Weekend

Photo credit LoriDoll Photography

This Easter weekend felt like it just flew right by. Saturday we spent with my mom and Jack. We had such a blast. We went shopping for a friend's baby shower, ate lunch on the lake where we were married, and got Jack a hair cut at a real, old fashioned barber shop. I lose mom points because I didn't take pictures! Saturday night we got ready for bed and I read Jack "The Night Before Easter" by Natasha Wing. We have so many of her books. We just love them. Can you tell Jack enjoys them?

Jack woke up Easter Sunday and didn't seem like himself. He was up really early and after he fell back to sleep we woke up and had missed church. He was super happy with all of the goodies he found in his Easter basket.

Jack's candy and toy free Easter basket. Our Easter bunny filled Jack's basket with sidewalk chalk, crayons, 2 animal books, coloring books, beach towels, Easter plate/fork, daisy planting kit, gardening kit and snack containers. 

We spent the day with Brian's family in celebration of Easter and his grandfather's 80th Birthday. As the day progressed he seemed like he was coming down with a cold. There were glimpses of my happy little man but he was very whiney and seemed pretty grumpy. He did  eat well and get some fresh air. He did not nap well so in addition to feeling sick he was over tired by the time we went home. Our night was tough. We gave Jack a warm vapor bath and an extra breathing treatment before we cuddled up for bed.

Today, we ended up at the doctor and lucky Jack's doctors just think its only a cold. His lungs are clear and he does not have an ear infection. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. 


Jen said...

That first picture is absolutely priceless! Such cuties. :)

Ashley said...

Sounds like a great Easter!! Love that first pic!! Too cute!!

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