Friday, June 5, 2015

Oh Hey Friday

It's been a while since I've done one of these!


Tonight is the first night I'll sleep away from Jack.
Every night for 17 months I've kissed him goodnight before putting him to bed.
To be honest I'm really sad about him staying with grandma tonight
(I have a bridal shower to set up bright an early tomorrow morning.)


I am SO sick and tired of people trying to sell me their "stuff" on Instagram and Facebook
I swear it is every day some one is commenting or posting about their wraps, greens, oils, beach body, shakes, weight loss pills.
I get it.
I understand the hustle but come on!!!!
I do not believe that you're making a $20,000 bonus this month and eating Ellio's pizza and your big night out is Panera!
So from now on I've decided to delete anyone who only posts about what they are selling!
I rather see your kids, dogs and food posts.


I started my new position at work this week.
I'm still assisting the woman who took over my position.
I feel a little lost because I'm so new at it. There are lots of questions but I can do it!

Plus, getting out at 5pm is pretty awesome. I actually went shopping by myself last night.
I used a gift card and bought myself a new Alex and Ani!

Jonquil: the flower of the wondrous heart. With radiant petals of gold, this flower’s high-vibrating energy is said to attract forest nymphs, bestowing a blessing upon all who appreciate its beauty. Associated with March, the delightful Jonquil promotes self-love. 


Most importantly this week Jack had his clinical appointment.
He did pretty incredible.
I feel so bad for him but know this is our life and he is so well cared for.
His doctors are so happy with how well he is doing and how well his lungs sound.
We made sure we finished our day off after the appointments with tons of fun, dinner, Toys R Us and TCBY.

Happy Friday!!!


Jen said...

I'm so glad that he did well at his appointment!

christina @ the new mrs said...

Yay for a good check up and a new work position – getting out right at five is the best.. You can’t beat shopping by yourself for yourself!

Justine Y @ Little Dove Creations said...

So glad you were able to finish off the day in a fun way. :) and I kind of agree about posts that are always trying to sell stuff, I don't mind seeing that occasionally, even once a day or so. I understand it's their side job or even their sole business. But if it's your personal account, I'd like to see some your personal life too. :-)

Amy DeVito said...

I'm so glad that Jack did well at his appointment. He is going to town on that food in the last picture. It made me smile and laugh.

I really want to get the Turquoise birthstone Alex & Ani bracelet. I have the aunt, NY Yankees, & NY Mets one and that's the last one I want.

I hope you have fun at the bridal shower.

I feel you on the people trying to sell you things. It's very annoying.

I hope you have a great weekend! :)

Momista Beginnings said...

Tonight's my first night (actually it will be 2 nights) away from my 7 week old! She's staying home with Dad while I take my 3 year old to a friend's cabin in Big Bear. I'm the most excited over this girls weekend than I have been for much else in a while! I NEED SLEEP!!! Getting 2 nights of it in a row sounds blissful :) Good luck being away from yours! -Misty

Kayla Daughetee said...

I sooo soo soo agree with the selling stuff! I feel like there are 5 million popular things now being sold lol! Im broke, don't ask me, and then I feel guilty when my friends ask and I cant.

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