Monday, October 26, 2015

This Past Weekend

This weekend was pretty great. Are you ever in a moment in time and realize it will probably be remembered as one of your most favorite days? I had one of these moments this weekend.

I started off the weekend early and took Friday off. My parents and I took Jack pumpkin picking. I wish I could say it was a good trip but poor Jack is fighting another cough and really didn't feel well. He cried for most of the day and as we were getting ready to leave the poor kid coughed so hard he threw up! After a full night sleep, 12 hours worth, he was feeling a bit better on Saturday. We still had a very easy going day. He spent most of Saturday in his pajamas cuddling,

Sunday we had the best day. We got out early to our favorite state park. When Brian and I were dating we would do day dates there and picnics overlooking the water so it is always nice to bring Jack to places where our relationship had it's first few dates. We had a fantastic hike, ate lunch and it really was the perfect morning. We finished off the day at one of our new favorite places. BrookHollow Barnyard is the cutest little farm. They have a bunch of farm animals you can feed with  a shovel and a bucket of carrots. They have a train ride, sandboxes, hayrides and tractors. It was a kids dream! We all had such a fantastic time. It was definitely one of those days that will go down as one of my most favorite!


Laura Darling said...

Sounds like a fantastic fall weekend! And so sweet to bring your son back to places you two remember and have such great memories of!

Amy DeVito said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful weekend. I'm so glad Jack is feeling better! :)

Amy @

Jen said...

What a fun weekend, he looks too cute!

K said...

Sorry little guy wasn't feeling well, but so glad that you guys had a good day! I just love those days!!!

Meg Taylor said...

Aww I'm sorry Jack wasn't feeling well, but Sunday looks like a wonderful day - look at all those smiles in those photos :)

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