Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I Confess

So I'm back again. Let's hope this sticks a little bit more than it did last time around. I have, what you could call a spark of creativity and have a ton of ideas in my head. It just seems pretty impossible to get them done. One of my favorite bloggers, Caitlyn from Confessions of a Northern Belle, has brought back her Wednesday confessions so I'm happily playing along. Check her out as well as some of the other gals linking up.

So, these are my confessions.
(Do you kinda get the Usher song stuck in your head? Cause I do)

1. I've become slightly obsessed with Chocolate Raspberry Milano cookies. The obsession isn't that bad but the fact I hide them from my family might be.

2. I told a white lie to get out of Jack's swim class last weekend. It was 9 degrees and felt like -25. There was no way I was going out of even thinking about swimming. Oh well! I'm not really sorry about it either.

3. I got a little sad when I saw a bunch of mom's from a mom's group had a Valentine party and Jack and I weren't invited. I'm sure they couldn't invite all the kids and their families. I just felt really sad that Jack was left out. Oh well, we have a few great friends so I shouldn't feel bad but I do. It looked like such a fun time. :(

4. I cry every time I watch that Subaru/dog bucket list commercial. Gets me every time!!!
How about you???

5. I have blocked so many people on Facebook its amazing. I have a lot of FB friends but the majority of them are so damn annoying!!!! They complain about the warm weather, complain about the cold weather, complain about not getting enough sleep, never mind the political hate... blah blah blah. I can't take the negativity.  Unfollow and block away!

So what are you confessing this week???


Kenya said...

That commercial gets me too!

Jen said...

:( I'm sorry that you guys were left out, stuff like that makes me mad.

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

THOSE COOKIES! I shall have to try them. The moms who didn't invite you guys suck. Thanks for linking up!

Ashley said...

That commercial makes me cry all the time too!! Soo sweet!! It brings back flash backs of my Lily girl!
I hate being uninvited too, but at the same time especially during this season with sickness and colds it makes me happy to not have to worry about it!

Amy Rae said...

I wouldn't have wanted to go out either in that weather. Pajamas and blankets and home all day is the only way to go on those really cold weather days!!

I'm so sorry that you guys were left out. I can't stand stuff like that.

I love that commercial even though it makes me cry too. Have you seen this commercial? It's for the same company so I think it might be their newest one:

Amy @

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