Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jack says...

This toddler of mine cracks me up most of the time. Besides the attitude and the constant craziness toddlers are really darn cool. Lately, he is full of stories too. Some of them true and some of them, not so much, but still pretty darn funny to listen too.He's turned into such a boy and less of a baby everyday. When we take walks he walks the whole way with us rather than in the stroller. He finds things humorous and laughs at the appropriate times. I really like spending my time with my crazy little man.

Here are some of my favorite Jack sayings-

"Help Ju"- Which means Help Me

"Fun Cake"- Cupcakes

"Faffles with dip dip"- Waffle with syrup

"Oopsie Daze"- Whenever anything falls, he trips or throws something.

"O-gurt"- Yogurt

"Uh-sayres"- Upstairs

"Frinkles"- Sprinkles

"Buddies"- Annie's Fruit Snacks

"He flash"- Means he splashes

"Humpy-Dumbee"- He means Humpty Dumpty and those are a method we use in swim class to get him to fall into the pool.

"Roll ova"- Anytime something falls

"I got me"- He yells this when he tackles or hugs me. '"

"I FINE"- Whenever I tell him to be careful or ask to change his diaper

"Up da hill, down da hill"- He says this whenever anything goes up or down.

Those are just a few of my favorites, but I honestly love listening to him talk and could listen all day long. If I give him something he says "Ju Welcome" instead of "Thank you". It is really funny.  We’re working on it though.  If you ask him where someone or something is, he will look at you and say "They working" except for my retired dad. When I ask where his Pop is he will say "He's sleeping". He loves chatting on the phone and really loves FaceTime. If some one does answer the call he says "They sleeping". He tells me about his day when I get home from work and most of the time he rats his cousin out for crying and having temper tantrums; "Ryan cries. Ryan says I don't want it" and he usually laughs about it. He can be so fresh. He loves talking about my in laws dogs and gives me the play by play on how many treats he gives them and if Daisy, the puppy, steals his toys. Recently he saw a squirrel that fell on my in law's deck and he told the story over and over as he laughs his little behind off. 

Toddlers are tough but they are so much fun. 
I feel so blessed! 


My 40somethinglife said...

Omg! What a cutie pie! I love those little expressions, especially "upstairs". So cute! Enjoy every minute. Time really does fly. I have one 9 and I seriously don't know when he got to be such a big boy. *sigh*

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Gosh I need to do a post like this... and I want to record videos of her saying some of our favorite things! She used to call Muffin "Na" and both Brandon and I are so sad we don't have her shouting it on video.

Nichole @ said...

Aww, he is getting so big!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Too cute! I love fun cake!

Jen said...

Awww I love him!!!

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