Wednesday, April 20, 2016



- I've become obsessed with shaken tea from Starbucks. I should be embarrassed because whenever I pull into the Starbucks drive thru Jack yells "Coffee with Milk!!!" He gets so disappointed when I don't say it. I think we visit way to often!

- My hormones are OUT.OF.CONTROL lately! Holy cow! I'm all over the place! If I hear "Piece By Piece" on the radio I'm sure to be ballin my eyes out! I had a pretty epic fight with my husband last week. I was being such a jerk I didn't talk to him for 4 days!!! I am trying to be more mindful of it but I'm a work in progress!!!

- I'm obsessed with this article! I read it this week and I swear this writer could have been me. I read it several times in shock that some one feels the same way I do. Anxiety is no joke. Anxiety as a parent is just plain old scary.

- Shopping for bathing suits when pregnant and knowing you're only going to get larger kinda sucks! After several trips to the store i have just decided on one.  I don't even care if it makes me look like a whale. So many are cut so low and my up top twins are in no place to be hanging out all over the place.

- I confess I couldn't put my shoes on this morning but refused to wear anything else. Thanks to throwing out my back it took me 10 minutes to put on my shoes. From now on I'm settling for flip flops! I don't care what the people at work think either!

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Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

There are so many songs I have forbid myself from hearing!! Thanks for linking up!!

Cara (Kindly Unspoken) said...

I don't blame ya in wearing flip flops! They're so comfortable! :)

Jasmin Saunders said...

Oh the joys of pregnancy. I remember those days. I was an emotional wreck that would regularly cry when the news came on, my feet wouldn't allow me to put anything other than flip flops on ... and I was just a big hot mess. Sending good vibes your way!

Jen said...

I am all about flip flops right now lol those are the only shoes that are comfortable.

Katie @ Talk Less, Say More said...

While I may not be pregnant (or a parent), I sure do understand the hormone issues. I was put through a forced menopause at 24 which included hot flashes, semi mood swings, and while I'm back to have a "normal" cycle again, my hormones are still wacky and just make me cry watching TV, movies,

Nichole @ said...

Hahaha, sbux addicts for the win!

Mistle Petrey said...

Flip flops are always great! Starbucks is just happens. I'm not even pregnant and shopping for bathing suits sucks. Great confessions!

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