Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2nd Trimester- Thank Goodness You are Finally Here

Technically I'm already at 18 weeks but I'm way behind this pregnancy and this is the only pregnant picture I've taken of myself. 

Weight: Since I am feeling so miserable most of January and all of February I have lost 11 pounds. I was never this sick with Jack. Food just seems gross to me. It's been a tough 1st trimester.

Sleep: I am out cold by 10 every night! I just wish I could stay asleep. I'm usually up to pee and can't fall asleep. Netflix at 3am is my mid morning appointment most days.

Cravings/Aversions:  Coffee, I suddenly can’t drink it. The thought of it, or any hot beverage makes me heave. Anything hot, meat, dairy or soft makes me gag. The only thing that seems ok are cold things, crunchy things, bagels and water with lemon. I have craved things, cooked them and ended up eating 2 bites. I can't wait for this time period to end.

Symptoms: I had missed my period and pushed it off for a few days. After my miscarriage in November I was kind of afraid of a positive. I was so nervous it would happen all over again. EXHAUSTION- was my first symptom. It feels like I'm ready to pass out every night by 8pm and waking up for work has been a total chore. BOOB PROBLEMS- OUCH! First off they get so big so fast then immediately start to hurt. At 8 weeks, just like with Jack, I started to bleed. After a check up and a second ultra sound it was confirmed that Baby G was doing just fine. No real reason for it. It just happened, both times. QUEASY- I am always queasy!!!!

Exercise: I've been sooooo tired the thought of exercising has been the furthest from my head. I have taken as many walks as I can with Jack. I got a fit bit for my birthday last week and it has been an awesome addition. I love it. I think it is going to help me a lot through this pregnancy. 

Mood: Since I'm feeling so sick most the time and tired all the time it has made me a little bit of a whiny brat. I'm feeling really stressed since this will be my 5th pregnancy :/ I look at the toilet paper every time I pee thinking that something has gone wrong. I'm a mess.

Random: Being a Mom to a toddler is exhausting but being a pregnant with a toddler is all out insanity! I feel guilty that I haven't had much energy to much with Jack. We have skipped a few story time days and laid around in our pajamas. I'm trying to sock away the cash. This time around I won't have enough benefit time to cover 3 full months of FMLA cause our country sucks! I'll have to collect disability for a few weeks which only equals $170 a week. We will be so poor by the time next Christmas comes.

Jack- Is doing really well. Its so interesting how easy how he picks up on things. When I ask what is in mommy's belly he points and says baby or "brodda"! We bought him a bunch of big boy stuff to create his big boy room (He will have to share with new sister or brother for now) We also bought him a baby doll and he is doing so great with her. He puts her hat on and makes sure her pacifier is in her mouth. 


Jackie said...

Hang in there!!

Jen said...

Sending lots of love your way! You look great btw!

Laura Darling said...

You look great! I hope you're able to sleep and feeling better soon!

Cara (Kindly Unspoken) said...

Hope the sickness settles down soon! You look great! You'll start gaining some more energy soon, I bet, and maybe get to play with your little one more. :)

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