Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wardrobe Cleanse

There is no denying I have a shopping addiction which leads to very crowded quarters in our walk in closet and limited space in my dresser drawers. Last week I just felt the urge to purge! I felt like I was drowning in stuff; unwanted and unneeded stuff! One afternoon after work I felt compelled to get into my closet and get rid of things! A few hours later and 6 huge garbage bags later I felt so relieved! It wasn't as fun as the notorious Sex and City wardrobe cleanse but still it felt amazing!
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Here are my rules for a solid closet clean up!

- Do I love this?
- Does it fit?
- Do I feel confident in it? 
- Will I wear it again? 
- Have I worn this in the last year? 

Once I got down to it it was pretty easy! I notice the faster I move the less time I have for regret. Any item I doubt I pull off the hanger and its moved to the SELL or DONATE piles. The item doesn't get put back. I tend to by a lot of similar clothes so it was easy to get rid of those.  I also have a ton of pre pregnancy clothes that no longer fit. I've held onto them for too long. My body has changed so much since pregnancy. They do not fit so I let those go too. If I get back to my pre pregnancy wait I think I deserve some new jeans! 

I didn't just toss clothes I tossed old fashion jewelry and shoes too. The jewelry was a little harder to donate because a lot of it was given as gifts. I have a harder time getting rid of gifts than items I purchased myself.  I never realized how many pairs of shoes I have as opposed to how many I actually wear. I have a rotation of 2 boots, 1 black, 1 brown but I had 5 pairs of brown booths and 3 black. I tossed all but 2 pairs of boots. I did the same with sandals too.

I can't believe how refreshing it is to clear things out! It got me on a roll and inspired. I went to the baby's room and did a better job of organizing his items better. M'y husband was inspire too. We had a leak in our closet last year and it is in need of repairs. Since the closet looks so clear he already started patching.

How do you decide what to keep and what to purge?
Do you have a set schedule or do you just get the feeling to do it? 


Jen said...

I really need to purge my closet!! It's becoming scary haha.

Katie @ Adulting Daily said...

I just did this too! I went through all my clothes, donated a bunch and then sent everything I thought had a chance of being sold to ThredUP. I agree that the jewelry was tough--there was a lot I held on to because I had gotten them as gifts, but I knew I would never wear them so I ended up donating them.

All The Things I Do said...

Haha I love the do I feel confident in this because there are some outfits from 3 years ago I wouldn't feel super comfortable in now. I probably could do this, I did it when I moved in November and it was great.

Meredith Nye said...

Purging the closet is my favorite thing to do when I am in a funk! It makes my life so much uncluttered! You may be nesting =) or you may just be getting ready for a less hectic life. Don't worry, you won't have much time for shopping once the babes gets here =)!

Cara (Kindly Unspoken) said...

The hardest thing for me when I'm purging is getting rid of sentimental items like something my late grandma bought me or something my husband bought me way back when. Great tips though!

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