Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meeting with the photographer

Today we met with Linda from LB Photography. I had checked out some local photographers with reasonable prices and great work on line for a few weeks. Linda and her husband Peter's work really intrigued me. The colors really popped and it just caught my eye. When I met her today I was so surprised but she seemed so much like me. She had a lovely personality and seemed like a fun person to work with, even have a few beers with. I was so happy she brought even more of her work for Bri and I to look over. The meeting lasted almost two hours and was a lot of fun. She has excellent work with about 10 years experience and her prices seem well with in our budget. I just kinda wish we had an extra $450 for a photo booth for the day. The last wedding we went to had one and we all had so much fun with it. I may have to look at cutting some corners and getting this little addition into the budget.

On another note how AMAZING are these Sarah Seven Dresses?!?!?!


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