Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First date

My soon to be husband and I met on line. I was very hesitant at the start. In my head I felt as if I were admitting failure by needing to go online to find a boyfriend. A dear friend of mine suggested I join after she had some success. I had been feeling down in the dumps after the boyfriend I had been dated had cheated. I was scared to get into another relationship with the fear I would use it as a rebound. I knew that would have been unhealthy for both of us but I caved to peer pressure and opened a profile. 

Brian contacted me shortly after I opened up a profile. He was witty and sweet and that intrigued me. We emailed for a short time before exchanging phone numbers. He was easy to talk to. He made me feel very comfortable. He invited me out on our first date that night and I pretended to be super busy. He wanted to go apple picking with me. (I lived in the biggest town for apples in NY) I agreed! The morning of the date I had a softball game and tried to think of every excuse to cancel our date. In the end 2 teammates talked me into going. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

We spent our first date at the lovely Apple Wood Orchards  picking apples and pumpkins. If you are ever in upstate NY I highly suggest this spot in the fall. They have entertainment for children and adults, wild flower gardens, farmers market, wine tasting. (We have been going every October since our first date. This September something very special took place under an apple tree. Story to come later.) We didn't find many apples and there were no good pumpkins left. It was towards end of the season so the pickings were slim. It was fun. I felt comfortable enough to climb trees. We eventually took our 6 apples and made it out to a local Irish Pub for lunch. One of my best friends was bartending so I was kind of excited she got to scope him out. We finished off our marathon date with coffee and tea at a cafe. It was probably one of the most fun dates I've ever been on. He has a nack for making everyone laugh and I think I may have smiled from ear to ear the entire date. I was told after the date by Brian's mom that he couldn't stop talking about how fantastic it was that I wasn't shy and would climb trees on a first date. 

What I find funny about our first date and every day since is we didn't follow any of the "rules" We laughed about inappropriate things, talked about our past yet none of it seemed to bother us. We laid everything out on the line. From the very begining of our relationship we never played any games. Unlike any other relationships I had ever been in I was able to tell him what I was feeling with out doubting the emotion or reason behind it. Brian has always made me comfortable in this relationship from the very first moment we met. He makes every tear and dating hardship in my past worth it.

I believe this is our first picture together. Not our first date. Maybe second?!?! 
I was still a fatty but look how handsome he is! 
Its Halloween, Pardon the purple scalp and hair highlights . 


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The Vintage Modern Bride said...

i love it! i met my fiance online too (facebook). it's funny how you can meet the person of your dreams in a way that you wouldn't have initially thought :)

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