Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap up and Ghost Adventure

This weekend I worked about 18 hours on Saturday at a retreat for children with Autism. It was cold, rainy and exhausting. Yesterday I just relaxed. Woke up at about 11am, hit Home Depot, threw a  softball around and went for about a mile walk. I was wiped out. So I'll give you a weekend wrap up from a few weeks ago. 
I must admit my soon to be husband has always wanted to be a Ghostbuster! It's ok because I am giggling too! His new obsession is Ghost Adventures on the travel channel. On the show they featured the Essex County Psychiatric Hospital, also called . Its not so far from our home so Brian felt the urge to go visit. When we looked it up on line there was very strict directions that NO ONE is allowed on the closed down campus. This is why there are no inside shots. The place was extremely eerie. I didn't like being there knowing what terrible things happened inside the walls. Especially working with people with disabilities it broke my heart. 

After that we went to a local park and found this amazing tree. Isn't is beautiful! Look how large it is?!?!

Then we visited the Idylease which is also very close to our home.  Not so much a haunted spot but Brian grew up thinking it was so we had to visit. It was actually a very nice day driving around looking for some fun, local spots.
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend too!

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Elle The Heiress said...

I loooove ghost tours and such, too. When we pick a place to travel to, the first thing I look up is haunted places.

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