Friday, June 3, 2011

What do ya got in there?

End of the week, YES!!! It may only have been a 4 day work week but the massive heat in NY made the kiddies go bonkers which means extra stress for me. I'm excited for a weekend full of fun. Tomorrow is the Warwick Bridal Trail. Its an event through the streets of Warwick where local venders have a chance to meet brides to be and offer services. I plan on attending with my momma and meeting my best friend (who just got engaged in February) and her momma too. It should be a good day.

Now getting onto the my purse. While helping one of my staff change their tire tonight I dropped my bag on the hood. It made such a sound "thump" everyone laughed wondering what was in the big bag.  I actually had to look myself!

The bag is nothing special. I think I got it for $15 and NY&Co a few years back. I love the side pockets. They are perfect for my cell and camera! I really enjoy the colors too. Its my favorite summer bag!

Now onto whats inside:
1. Wallet, filled with more cards and coupons then actual money
2. Crappy Verizon cell phone
3. Car/ house keys
4. Work keys
5. Two different types of allergy pills because its been a miserable season!
6. Listerine fresh mouth strips
7. Colgate Wisps, LOVE these things
8. Johnson and Johnson Lavender Lotion, my favorite
9. Tide to Go Pen, a daily necessity for a klutz like me
10. Weight Watchers point counter
11. Jury Summons and an excuse from my job's HR office! Thank you!
12. Camera (not pictured)
13. Checkbook
14. H&M sunglasses
15. Old train ticket from Secaucus Junction to NY Penn Station
16. Nail Polish
17. Cottonelle TP, hey you never know.

By the end of the day I ended up adding 2 folders, water bottle, important paperwork for my dad and a list for our big night of food shopping.
To much? What do you think?

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