Friday, July 8, 2011

Baking a Watermelon Cake

Over the holiday weekend I wanted to make B a birthday cake. Originally I was planning on making a patriotic red, white and blue cake. Last minute I realized I didn't have any blue food coloring. Since I HATE Shoprite I refused to make the trip. With what I did have in the house I created this SWEET TREAT ! It was a huge hit. Looked cute and tasted good too.

Not good with pics. Baked two cakes, cut all in half. 

Iced 3 and kept one 1/2 on the side

Iced white first

Then green the sides. It needed lots of green food coloring.   
Then I iced the red and yellow mixture. 

Don't mind the little white frosting spot. I fixed that up.

Before the pits, aka Raisinetes

Birthday boy enjoying his 3 cakes, Watermelon, Banana/Chocolate and blueberry/strawberry 
Very fun last minute baking project. It was pretty time consuming but the reaction on everyone's face when they saw it was awesome!


rosieposie said...

wow that looks yummy!! x

Camille {The Lovely Theory} said...

so clever and cute. and of course looks delicious.

great job!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that is so cute! Very clever and looks yummy!

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