Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Tunes with an Update and Thank You!

Whenever I feel down in the dumps I listen to music. Sometimes it picks me up and sometimes its a good outlet to just let me cry and feel ok about it. 

Here are a few I'm listening to today. 

Coldplay- Fix You

Emiliana Torrini- Today Has Been Ok

(Sorry no real video but its beautiful)

Look After You- The Fray

Oceans Away- The Fray 

Brooke Valentine- Girlfight
(Perfect intro to what I'm about to say)

I really need to thank some of you lovely ladies for the support and comments from my post yesterday.
Everything was greatly appreciated.

Sadly an update wasn't what I expected. Early this AM I turned B's cell phone alarm off so I turned it off and (not proud of this) checked his texts. I actually assumed there would be a conversation between him and his friend. There was. I was stupid enough to think that there would be something said about how embarrassed his sister was. DEAD WRONG!!!!
Instead I see:
Friend: (Insert sister's name here) wants to date you.
B: What happened to (her boyfriends name here)
Friend: Quoting sister"As soon as you get rid of Kristina I'll get rid of boyfriend"
B: Not gonna happen

WOW, now clearly it wasn't just the alcohol talking yesterday morning.
WOW, I have the greatest guy on the planet!!!
Thats all that matters, right?
Am I taking this to far?
Stressing over nothing?
Maybe it was a joke?
I'm not laughing!
Is it bad to feel  nervous around them?
Full story here

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Alyssa said...

isn't the blogging world a wonderful place? we all go through tough times and you know your readers will be there for you no matter what. i know when things like this happen it feels awful, but just remember, your guy is amazing... he's marrying you and that's what matters. i know id be feeling pretty crappy and stressed about this too but try not to worry.. it'll all be ok :) and you have all of us supporting you

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