Monday, November 7, 2011

Animal Kingdom

I feel a little like I'm living in Animal Kingdom these days. You may remember my story from last week. Well I have a new one for ya. Yesterday morning while at my parent's house I saw these amazing creatures.

What are they? 
Mountain Lions?
Bob Cats?
What do you guys think?

Grainy picture but the only one we got. 
My parent's only live 60 miles north of NYC so the likelihood of either is a bit strange. It was scary to say the least. There are so many children and dogs in the area. We called the police to inform. They have now gotten the Dept. of Environmental Control to look into it. They seemed very large to be a 3 ft bobcat and the tail looked a bit longer.  What I heard late last night from a local biologist is that they are bobcats who have a den very close to my parent's development.  Kinda cool? I sure hope he is right because Mt Lions are a little to scary for me. Apparently bob cats are harmless. Lets hope so! My mom and I walked the dog with baseball bats last night. Just in case. 

Besides the crazy animal adventure. We won both our softball games yesterday. That means we are headed to the playoffs next week. 

Happy Monday. Here is to a very short work week! B and I are off on Thursday and Friday! 


The Queen Bee said...

Should you consider opening your own zoo?

Kate said...

I live in MA and when I was 9 I came face to face with a cougar. My uncle, who is a hunter, said that Colorado traded us some cougars for some of our turkeys, so that's why there have been sightings of them in this part of the country. Weird. I can't really tell if they are cougars, but they look big!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Wow, that is such a fantastic picture. Congrats on your softball playoffs!


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