Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge. DIY and X-mas Traditions

Linking up with Neely

Growing up my mom had one Christmas tradition. Every Christmas Eve we were allowed to open one gift! Every year that one gift would be a pair of new pajamas! She wanted to make sure we both looked nice for Christmas morning pictures. Now that my brother and I are grown and live in our own homes she still gets us and my fiancé new pj pants. (Total score last year when Old Navy had them for $5 on Black Friday) Usually my mom gets the most obnoxious and colorful pi's.

Christmas Eve 2009

He has a lot to drink that night. He was wearing my pjs. 

Last year my mom bought my xl bottoms and tshirt 2x. I guess she forgot I lost 50 pounds. Oh and I never wore a 2x. lol 
Brian's Polar Bears.

In our house we make something every year to add to our home or our tree.

I love handmade Christmas decorations. Growing up my mom encouraged us to make ornaments and decorations for the house. Most of her decorations are majority handmade by my brother and I. In keeping with tradition Brian and I try to make something handmade each year. He isn't into it to much but the things we do for love.

These are the ornaments we painted last year.

I bought these wooden ornaments in a craft store along with some paints and we have these cuties.
They are perfect bottom of our tree ornaments. Bogart loves hiding under the tree and knocks all the lower ornaments off the tree.  

Wooden ornaments- $.50 each
Paint- $.50 each (I bought 8)

I bought these plain red stocking at The Dollar Tree.

He added some snowflakes and that large green thing in the middle. What do you think it is?
He says thats a J???

His has a bow and a HO HO HO at the bottom! 

The stockings were hung!

Stockings: $1 each
Glue: Had at the house
Glitter: Had at the house


Mia Maree said...

I love the stocking idea! So fun!

Holly said...

Aww I love the PJ tradition haha so cute! The homemade ornaments look like a fun idea too!

rkjalernpan said...

Love the idea of making christmas decorations every year.

Taylor B. said...

I wish that I was crafty like you! You have inspired me to attempt to create Christmas ornaments. And I love the pajamas (and you getting the wrong size. sounds like something my mom would do!) I bought a sewing machine last week with the idea that I would make everyone pjs for wasn't pretty.

ashleigh said...

i love the stocking idea;
so cute!!!
and the pajamas will be one of my traditions when i have my own family =] or fiance..maybe ill do it this year with my man! =]]
thanks girly
stopping by from Neely/Amber link up!

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