Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Crafty Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day cuties! What kinda lovey dovey stuff are you guys doing today? We celebrated on Sunday so tonight will be pretty low key. Probably a very romantic dinner or left overs and a trip to the gym to work off our amazing dinner from Sunday. More on that tomorrow.

Just wanted to say thanks to all my new followers from yesterday, you made my week!

I saw this adorable craft on Pinterest...Where else?!?!

Remember this craft from Christmas?

Its very similar idea. Since I had no real Valentine's decorations in the house I thought this would be a cute little decoration for my entry way.

I used the floor wax, which I believe is flammable so I have used a flicker light candle instead of an open flame. Please do not use an open flame, just in case!!!

-To make the hearts I used cute little stickers and placed them in no particular pattern.
-I put the top back on and added a small amount of floor wax and swirled it around, with the top
-Add the glitter, put the top back on  and shake it all over.
-Once the glitter dried I pealed the stickers.
-It was hard getting my hand in so I use tooth picks to pry the stickers off.
-Add the flameless light or some candies. I suggest covered if you want to eat them!

Cute right?!?!

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Amy Powell said...

that looks so cute! Happy Valentines :)

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