Monday, February 13, 2012

Who am I...

I'm pleased to be linking up with Neely today. Since my blog is under a year old I'm still trying to build a good fan base and give my followers interesting things to read, insight and inspiration. A little networking will do me and my blog good.  I started my blog to chronicle the months leading up to my wedding. Quickly it transformed to daily posts about my life, weight loss struggles, newest obsessions, stress, FUN with some interesting wedding information thrown in here and there.

Just a few facts about me:

I'm Kristina, a 30 something NY/NJ girl.

Grew up in NYC and the suburbs.

Ventured to the awesomely tacky state of NJ to buy a house with my fiance.

I work as a program director for a non profit in NY that specifically works with children and adults with Autism.

Bride to be getting married in 2.5 MONTHS!!!

I come from a fantastic family. We put the "FUN" in DysFUNctional!!!  

I've got a great guy by my side. Can't wait to be his Mrs.  

Animal lover, shopoholic,  Essie nail polish fanatic, softball player, NY sports lover, music and live show addict.

I enjoy a good red wine and a nice dark beer.

Always up for trying new food.

My Nickname is Rottweiller.  
My Bogart 
My future husband

Favorite photo of us. 

Here are a few things I love...

Faithful followers, thanks, as always. Happy reading. New friends, Thanks for stopping by. Hope you find some interesting stuff and visit again.

Engagement post here

Engagement Photo Session here

Wedding posts here

I'm a lover of Michelle's Oh How Pinteresting Link ups on Wednesday

I occasional link up for SOS, Steppin Out Saturday to show off a little bit of my fashion lovin.

I'm an aspiring Do It Yourself-er 

Occasional Twitter complainer

I'm a lover of pretty things so I've become a Pinterest ADDICT

I'm a new member of My Fitness Pal. Lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks. 

Hope you found a new blog to enjoy with the rest of your daily reads.

Tahnks again for stopping by


Molly said...

I work for a Michigan non-profit for kids with autism, and I have a Cairn terrier. Small world! (And in case I've never mentioned it, I love your blog.) =)

Kaytee said...

LOVE my fitness pal! I'm dieting for my wedding in October!! xo

Emily Hope said...

OH I have read so many good things about 'My Fitness Pal' I need to try're the third person I have read that sings it praises.

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