Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's OK

Haven't done one of these in a  while but I definitely need to have a little confirmation on all the good, yet crazy things I've been doing!
Linking up with Neely.

Its Ok Thursdays

-To be completely overwhelmed with work and wedding planning that I haven't been up to blogging.

-To start freaking out that I am not skinny enough and haven't lost all the weight I wanted too.

-To just not have time or energy lately to work out like I really want to

-To fall asleep at 9pm this whole week.

-To vent! Its even nicer when people just let you do it too!

-To stay at a resturant just to listen to the awkward couple's conversation at dinner last night. They were middle aged,drunk, saying things like "I'm gonna show you some magic" and other sexually inappropriate things for a dinner convo. We were at a nice place too but it was entertainment. We laughed so hard.

- To admit my new show is Ice loves Coco. Sparticus is fantastic but they are the cutest couple! Its hysterical.

- To be so disgusted with our Townhouse Management company that I've seriously thought about selling our home. It was actually so bad I went on Yelp, Google and Yahoo and badmouthed them everywhere I could.

- To be so angry that B's 2 best friend's and groomsmen backed out of his bachelor party. Who the F does that shit???

- To freak the shit out about not having any guest bloggers.

- To have no honeymoon plans...On second thought that is NOT ok!

Happy Thursday!
My bachelorette party is this weekend. I'm pretty excited about it so I can't wait to conquer the next two days!


Kristin said...

1. I'll guest blog for you!
2. Wedding party members can really stress a bride out. Been there, done that!
3. No one ever thinks they're skinny enough. It's not just you.
Have a great Thursday, though :)

Established: 2008 said...

Happy Thursday. Good luck with your wedding planning. It can be super, super stressful. People will think it's wonderful and that you look beautiful no matter what. Happy thoughts!

Courtney*Cakes said...

If you need a guest blogger let me know... I would totally be interested.

Monica said...

I would definitely be a guest blogger!
What kind of friends skip out on the bachelor party!!
You will look amazing don't worry about how much you have or havent lost!

Monica said...

Love your blog and I would love to be your guest blogger any day of the week!! Looking forward to following!!

Kristin said...

when is your wedding? we havent booked our honeymoon yet either! yikes!

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