Friday, July 20, 2012

Wedding Thank You Cards

Here are just a few of our thank you cards to our vendors, hair dresser and make up artist. I'll save the family and friends thank you card after we send them out. I don't want to spoil any surprise.

This thank you is for all the incredible people at our venue. They were beyond wonderful!

Clique Chic Black Thank You Card
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Caitlyn did all of our make up and she was amazing! She made me look better than I could have imagined. I know she needs pictures for her portfolio. The inside photo is an up close shot.

Everlasting Rings Collage Thank You Card
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This one is for our hair stylist. I wanted to get a few shots of my hair for her portfolio. She did everyone's hair so the inside of this card has a large picture of all of us gals.

Vintage Scrolls Thank You Card
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I think it is so important to send appropriate thank you cards especially after important events and wonderful service. I really tried to personalize things as yes I could. I hope they like them.


Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

They are great! I love the idea of sending pictures on the cards. I just sent plain ol' cards.


Laura at Saying I do said...

these look great!!

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