Thursday, August 2, 2012

Its OK

Its Ok Thursdays


- To wake up today thinking it was Saturday...Fail

- To just start posting wedding pictures after we've been married 3 months...

- To just find out there is a Lululemon Outlet at Woodbury Commons. Oh my charge card will be crying.

- To call people out for their idiotic FB posts about the Olympics. Don't they would know people would want to watch it "live"? Its been so annoying. 

- To avoid social media sites during the day for said posts. 

- To be slightly negative about work lately. We are really short staffed and it has really sucked the life outta me. 

- To really want to call some one out for a horrible tweet they sent me earlier this week. This person did not read my initial tweet correctly and then called me selfish and said she hopes I never have children. Clearly she doesn't know what has gone on in my life lately. 

- To be torn about blogging and social media after things like above happen. I know there are far more good people out there for me to focus on. 

- To stay up late watching the Olympics! I love it. 

- To have desert twice this week.

- To go to TCBY and fill my cup up with more raspberries, blackberries, brownie bits and hot fudge instead of the frozen yogurt. 

- The entire Chick-fil-A Appreciation thing, seriously did that really happen?!?!

- To be SUPER excited about a swap my dear friend Stephanie and I are cooking up. Keep you posted on that one.

What are you feeling ok with lately?
Have a fantastic day!


Kate Undercoffer said...

I'm the same way with the Olympics...staying up way too late but loving every second. :)

The Vintage Modern Wife said...

I am excited too! Did you see the comment I left last night? And I'm sorry about that ass of a person. I hope you deleted them.

Monica said...

Sorry for that mean person that tweeted you sometimes people can be morons on social media sites! I am loving the olympics too!

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